The Old Table

New lease on life Blue Table

Last night my friend Patty, my husband and I were sitting on a patio in Little Italy having a drink.  Its been stinkin’ hot here in TO for the past few days and it doesn’t look like it will let up until friday, when it goes down to a seasonal 26.  We were talking about plans for the summer and Patty was asking us about the cottage, so of course I whipped out my Itouch and made her look through all the pictures.  That’s the great thing about Apple, they’ve made home movies and vacation pictures easy to share….again! Just when you thought it was safe to go back to talking to your friends about these things.

When she got to the picture of this table in our kitchen she made a comment on how great it looked.  My husband and I began to laugh and of course had to tell her the story of how this table came to be in the  cottage.    As you can see it’s a beautiful blue table not huge, it has a leaf to make it larger if you want and it’s got that 50’s – 60’s  feel to it, perfect for the cottage look.
When we bought our little cottage it came with all the “wonderful” furniture in it.  The place was a dump and the furniture was cast offs from cast offs.  There were about 12 chairs (which in hind site I wish I had kept a few of) a few nasty beds, a mouldy looking couch and dare I say, “matching” chair , a brown ugly table and a bottle of Babe perfume in the bathroom, a real bachelor pad.  We asked the contractor to dispose of everything in the cottage while he was gutting it, we didn’t want anything.    When my husband and his brothers arrived in the fall of that year, they found a completely gutted blue cabin with new windows and doors.  Inside they found the ugly brown table and a trash can in an empty room.
We were actually glad that the table had been left, it became the kitchen and work surface.  Sometimes at the same time, there would be a chop saw at one end and someone making sandwiches at the other.  It was my kitchen counter while I waited for my “real” kitchen to show up and when I finally got sick of it, I put it on the deck for a few weeks, where it was rained on and left in the heat and elements.  At some point I suggested we cart it off to the dump but my husband thought just in case we should keep it.  So he took the legs off and put it in the shed, where it stayed for about 2 months.
Meanwhile, I had been reading my decorating magazines and saw this beautiful picture of a picnic table, with benches that we’re not attached, that would be perfect in the kitchen.  We called on our friend Arnold told him what we were looking for and had him make it and deliver it to us.  He came with his wife 3 days later with a huge picnic table and a large “mess” of crabs for us to eat. 
I painted the table in Benjamin Moore, “Cloud White”, which is the colour of all the trim in the cottage and my sweetie and I manhandled it into the cottage.  Our 1st clue should have been how tight a fit it was getting it though the door, the 2nd thing should have been that I should have measured where I wanted it to go, it didn’t matter which way  we turned the table, it was WAY to big.  Back outside it went, my husband made bench seats for it and I’ve painted it dark blue to match the cottage, it looks great. 
Now what would we do for an indoor table?   My husband offered to make one for us, but we were leaving to come home in a week and I didn’t want him to spend his last days of vacation working.  We had to put something there since our family would be staying in the cottage over the next few weeks and we couldn’t ask them to eat of f the trunk in the living room like we do.  A solution had to be found.  That’s when I remembered the old brown table in the shed.  What if I painted it and we used that? 
I had fallen in love with a table set in a magazine that was painted pale blue so I decided that since this wasn’t an important  piece of furniture that I would just have fun with it.  I went to the store and came home with a  Para paint colour called “November Skies”  and a can of Bullseye Zinzer.  From the 1st coat it was like the table had been just waiting for me to realize its potential. The paint went on smoothly, the colour looked amazing and we already knew that it fit in the space with or with out the leaf.  One coat of Zinzer and 2 coats of the pale blue later and I was in love!
Moving the finished table (in the picture above) into the cottage was the icing on the cake, painting a bench the same colour and putting 3 white chairs around it finished it off.   For days after I would just sit and stare at it, marveling over how amazing it was.  I don’t think in all my years of painting furniture, I have ever been as surprised at an outcome as I have been with this table.  My husband jokes that he’s afraid to leave me alone with it since I seem to be so in love. 
It just goes to show you, that anything can be remade into something beautiful.  Sometimes, that perfect thing has been right in front of you, the whole time.
Dream Big,
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