Cats to the cottage

Luxury Cat Travel Crates

A  lot of people are always surprised that we take our cats with us to our cottage.  They ask us how do we get them there? and how well do they travel?  So I thought since we’re leaving for the cottage tomorrow night, late, late into the night, maybe even early, early saturday morning, I would explain exactly HOW we take our little sweet and fuzzies with us.  There is no way I could go for 2 months with out my girls, I go through too much withdrawal.

A few years ago we were in the US on 1 of our Target runs, in the same mall there is a Pet Smart so we thought we’d check out what they had there that we didn’t have in Canada.  The trip to the cottage is approximately 18-20 hours so the girls have to be made as comfortable as possible.  We found these soft, collapsible crates that have screens to let air flow through.  My husband couldn’t resist buying the two “Lamby” beds for the bottoms, upping the luxury factor. 

Our two cats travel in very different ways.  Prairie, the younger one digs under all the blankets and the lamby bed until she hits the bottom of the crate. She curls up into a little ball and sleeps for the entire way, not a bad way to travel.  Tabitha, on the other hand, begins by informing us that she will be reporting this abuse to the nearest cat abuse centre, she then begins to swear at us in language, that I have no idea where she learned.  She finishes with pleading to be let out and to have this nightmare end.  Somewhere beyond Montreal and before the New Brunswick border she drops off to sleep, only muttering at us every so often.  

My husband and I swap off driving and get gas, every 2 hours, one of us stays with the cats while the other goes into the travel stop.  I found last year if I opened the back door and let Tabitha see where we were she was less vocal about being trapped in the back of the car. I also begin about a week before we leave by telling them that we’re going to the cottage and when.  I set the crates up on the back deck so then can explore them and get used to this enviroment, yesterday Tabitha had her afternoon bath and nap in the one on the left.

When we finally get to the cottage, they are the 1st to be unloaded.  We take them into the bathroom and set up their litter and let them out while we unload the rest of the car.  Their food and water is the next thing I set up, by then they are both under the bed.   They slip into the cottage routine incredibly quickly.  After I wash the lamby beds and wipe down the insides, their crates are collapsed and put away in the shed to wait for the trip back to the big city. 

For the next 8 weeks they enjoy the ocean breeze, sun and listening to the birds at the cottage.  Not a bad life if you’re a cat.

Dream Big,


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