The Cottage….AT LAST!

We arrived at the cottage late Saturday night all of us exhausted, well, all of us except for Prairie, who slept the whole way.  Tabitha, of course, spent her time whining at us and at some point, early on decided to pee in her cage, that was pleasant.  I’ve decided for the trip back that I’m going to buy “wee-pads” from the pet store, I have NO idea why this didn’t occur to me sooner.  Just past Montreal she settled down and was content to only merp at us every so often so that we wouldn’t forget her.

The drive was uneventful.  Going through Montreal at 8am on a saturday morning is wonderful. We actually made it around the city and over the bridge in 20 minutes, an unheard of event .  We always feel like we’ve made it half way when we hit Edmondston, NB, time wise it is a little over half way but getting past Ontario and Quebec seem to be the big hurdles, not to mention the speed limit goes up in NB so we pick a little time up here.

We pulled into the driveway of the cottage at 10pm Saturday night (9pm Toronto time) in the pouring rain and begun the speedy unpacking of the car.  Cats out 1st, litter and food set up, then the essentials only.  Between the rain and the mosquitos it was a miserable 20 minutes.  At last we were tucked inside the cottage, unpacking the cooler and the few groceries I had brought and killing the mosquitoes that had followed us in. 

There is nothing worse than dropping off to sleep only to be woken up to the soft buzzing of a mosquito looking for dinner, so they had to go. We fell into bed to get some well deserved rest. Only to be woken up at 4am by Prairie who had decided that she was bored and we had slept for far to long, what did I do with the stake for the eagles?!? After getting her settled again we fell back to sleep for a few more hours before daylight, birds and the girls woke us once again.  Sunday had begun.

The 1st priority for me was to make sure we have food in the cottage and this year it was a toss-up between grocery shopping and the game.  I quickly got dressed and drove into town, stopping at the Cape Light Pub to find out if they would be playing the game, they were, then on to do the grocery shopping for the week, back to pick up my husband then back to the Pub to watch Spain defeat The Netherlands 1-0 to win the Fifa World Cup. 

We thought we were cheering for the Netherlands but it became very clear early on, that we were both siding with the spanish team (who knew I knew their names?) but the family of 30 who had taken over the pub was voting for the Dutch so we kept very quiet.  Actually, what we realized was that we really didn’t have a vested interest in who won since all of our teams had been knocked out 1 by 1, Uruguay, the last 1, the day before, in what sounded like a great game.  We listened to them loose on the radio while driving.

Monday was a “town” day, we drove to Charlottetown to get the things that we couldn’t get in the smaller town near the cottage.  We find these days seem to suck up our energy and time however yesterday was an important day since we now have WI-FI access and I can be in touch with the outside world when my sweetie goes back to work on the project he must do for the next 3 weeks. Yeah! for the low phone bill this summer.

Tuesday was a cottage day, although the weather had been foggy and clammy in the morning by 11am the sun was out and burning off all the mist and shining brightly.  I climbed into a suit to get some sun on our new deck, that was ready and waiting for us when we arrived on Saturday, the last big thing that needed to be done….this year.    It was a perfect day, we read, puttered around the cottage getting the BBQ set up and the insect tent, AKA my yoga tent and topped it off with a walk on the beach at very low tide, dipping our toes in the warmish water for the 1st time this year. 

I will post pictures over the next few weeks as all of us settle into our cottage rhythm, but it is wonderful to be here, at the cottage, at last.

Best Wishes from the East Coast,


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  1. Nikki says:

    Sounds wonderful…….Enjoy!x

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