The “Ambler” hunt

It is well hidden, but I’ll give you a clue. You just need to “ambler” along between the kitchen and the back windows and look down

This was the sentence that an older cousin of mine sent me via email after spending a few days at our cottage in June.  His mother was born here on PEI, in a town called Summerside, on the west side of the island.  She passed away a few years ago and he has decided that he’d like to get some family history and stories recorded before it’s lost for good.  My husband, being the good guy he is, mentioned to this cousin (who I don’t know very well) that we have a cottage there and that if he was on the island when we were here we’d love to see him, or if the cottage was free he was welcome to use it.

I received a call in early May, he was venturing out to the cottage in June, would the cottage be available for his use?  I assured him that he was welcome to use it, but then told him the downsides which were NO TV, NO phone and NO internet (at the time).  We are also quite a distance from Charlottetown and even further from Summerside, where his relatives live.  However, he seemed game to try it so I sent directions and instructions on how to get there and what to do once he was there

It turns out that he only stayed for 2 days, and they were cold ones.  When he returned he sent me an unclear email with the phrase above in it.   At 1st I thought it was the key to the cottage that had been hidden in a new place (I do tend to jump to conclusions quickly) I had visions of it being put under the cottage where our new deck was being built and that we’d never see it again.  I was incorrect, it was actually money for the power that he used.  Unasked for and unexpected but very nice of him to do.

The clue was so vague and I am not a patient person, as those of  you who know me will attest to, that I was a little miffed with the thought of spending my time looking for money.  When we arrived I did a cursory glance around in the obvious spots but saw nothing. 

Over the next few days my husband and I joked about where he could have hidden this “huge” amount of cash – the sum having gone from a toonie to well over $50. We checked the tool bucket in the corner, under the “pale blue” table and the chairs, the tin on the table, my husbands running shoes (remember the key word was “ambler”), he even checked through all the placements one by one – nothing.  We were having fun in a frustrating sort of way.  I was swinging between resenting this grand search for money, did this cousin think I had nothing better to do? and did he think that someone would hack into my email figure out where this large sum was and steel into the cottage to take it? and laughing about the whole situation.

At lunch on Tuesday we were chatting once again about this clue and riddle, I happened to glance down to my left at the books stacked under the 1950’s book-case table next to the chair in the living room, “oh, you don’t think he would have left it in a book do you?” I said to my husband.  Sure enough on the top shelf of the table is a book called “The Ambler Warning” by Robert Ludlum and inside the “treasure” we’d been looking for.

I think my husband was disappointed that the hunt was over, he was looking forward to building this into a summer cottage story that could go on for years and years.  Me, I’m just glad that I discovered it before I tucked the book into my “recycled” bag for the book exchange in town. 

Dream Big – From the East Coast,


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  1. Nikki says:

    Great story!

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