Rhythms of the cottage

We’ve been at the cottage for just over a week, as a matter of fact my sweetie goes home tomorrow for his 3 weeks of bachelorhood.  The 10 days have just flown by. 

I’m testing the strength of our new wi-fi and am sitting on the picnic table in the shade, (see picture) the new deck is covered in sun right now and the day is beginning to heat up although there is a wonderful breeze coming off the bay, keeping the bugs away.  The past few days have been hot ones for the island reaching temperatures of 30 and 31 degrees (celsius) and today promises to be 27.

Friday night one of the guys we’ve met here, plays in a bar close to our cottage.  We decided to have dinner in the dining room then pop into the pub to listen and show our support.  There were only 2 of them in the band, Gerry, and his bass/2nd guitar, Chris, they were really good.  When they finally took a break, Chris and his mom did a few songs for us, she and her husband had a band for years and we were treated to more great music. 

Saturday, (30 degrees C), I had managed to talk my husband, I have no idea how, into going to the “Mermaids Tears, Sea Glass festival”.  I knew it wouldn’t take to long, I had been last year, but I was curious to see if anything had been added, last year being their 1st show.   I was right, it took us less than and hour, that included travel time, he bought me a beautiful sea glass necklace from an artist whose work I love and we discovered kettle corn, both salty and sweet, other than that it was really just a nice drive in the air-conditioned car, on a saturday morning.

Our wonderful neighbours have been down all weekend.  Our friend, their father, Kent passed away in February and they had a beautiful memorial service for him on Saturday.  We were invited over for drinks and dinner and ended up staying for the evening’s entertainment of guitar playing and singing.  They have quite a few talented guitar players and singers in the family so it was a lot of fun.  We stumbled home in the dark around 11ish feeling very much a part of their family.  They have been and are, incredibly welcoming.

Sunday morning, another scorcher, I watched the neighbours wander down to the beach a few at a time and noticed they were all in the water.  I have to admit I am a real wimp about going into the water, I LOVE to swim, however I don’t like to swim by myself and my sweetie isn’t really into it at all, so I put on my bathing suit and went out to join the MacDonald Clan.  It was a wonderful hour of floating in the water cooling off and chatting to everyone. A few of the brothers were trying to get me to swim out a little further but I admitted to being a little nervous just incase “jaws” got me. 

There was lots of sympathic laughter, none that made me feel stupid, even though it was  a good opportunity to be scornful about the fact that sharks don’t come up this far, the water being way to cold for them.  Lots of jokes about not having to swim fast just faster than the person beside you and that the 1 thing you probably don’t want to become famous for is to be the “freak” accident attack report in the paper.  I came back to the cottage, pinker than when I went down and smelling like the ocean, clean and salty.  The rest of the day was spent reading in the shade and relaxing.

Last evening, my husband and I were sitting on the new deck, BBQ’ing dinner, having cocktails, trying to keep the pests away from us, when he turned to me and said “10 years ago would you ever have imagined all this? and we own it!”.  We are incredibly lucky to have found our little piece of heaven on earth and I am very lucky to have such a great guy who lets me stay here with the girls for most of my summer.  Yoga retreat begins on Wednesday, of course I’ve just had a text that some of my friends have arrived from TO for a few days and BBQ and Beach day is wednedsay….I guess the limited drinking part of my “retreat” will have to begin on Thursday.

Dreaming big from the East Coast,


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3 Responses to Rhythms of the cottage

  1. Nikki says:

    Sounds and looks wonderful……….Enjoy!!!xx

  2. The cottage looks amazing and the deck is fab! I CANNOT wait to get out there!

    • Break Free says:

      Your bed is ready and waiting! The lounge chairs are on the deck (s) and ready…. The beach is calling your name and I have a STACK of books waiting just for you. : )

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