Last night my husband asked me what I was going to do today (friday).  I had to pause and think about how to answer him, how do  you tell someone who has flown back 1000 kms to work for 3 weeks (on 3 different projects) that you’re going to sleep in, read, maybe take a walk on the beach, do some yoga and maybe write? Especially if that someone is the one who actually NEEDS to be doing those things.  It was a trick question, I figured, like when I ask “does what I’m wearing make me look fat?”.  Thank goodness for the frustrating Skype call we were on, I was able to gloss over these points and change the subject.

This morning is the 2nd day that I’ve been by myself.  My friend Lori and her sister arrived to visit on Wednesday and we spend an amazing day talking, walking the beach, drinking, snacking and BBQing, until the propane ran out.  Yesterday it rained all day, so I made spaghetti sauce (see the Chaos Day cookies tab for Spaghetti sauce recipe) and read and puttered before trying, once again, to make Skype work enough to have an actual conversation with my sweetie.  We’re still working the bugs out of that one.

However, I did do exactly what I told him I would do. I slept in. After waking up at 5am and staying awake for a few hours I finally dropped off to wake up at 830 to 1 cat tucked behind me in the small of my back and the other one giving me the “mind – think” look for breakfast.   I read for a while on the new deck (I’m on to “Eat, Pray, Love” now) had my tea overlooking the ocean in the morning breeze. I watched the dragonflies for a while, they are out in full force right now and beautiful. I’ve been trying to get a picture so I can post it but they move so fast and are so little that it’s tough.  I saw a few herons heading out to fish, and the crows playing and talking in the wind currents.  High above me I watched the clouds chasing each other across the blue sky, changing shape like they did when I was a kid, into dragons and fish and pigs (the only place that I know of where pigs can actually fly).

About 11am one of the neighbours started up the lawn mower not an unpleasant sound.  I noticed their dog, Scout, a 1-year-old yellow lab trying to follow him around as he cut a path through the longish grass.  I thought this would be a great opportunity, so I grabbed my havaianas and headed over to get her.  Down to the beach we went, the 2 girls.  Scout carrying her white ball, me with my white flip-flops off we went to explore.  I threw the ball for her a few times, she was very polite and ran after it, she’s used to 2 guys in their early 20’s who can probably throw a ball properly, but we made it work.  We waded in the shallow water, cooled down from the storm yesterday, but fairly jellyfish free.  Scout found a crab who had buried himself in the sand to hide from the birds. It was fairly evident that he did not want to be disturbed, so we left him, and continued on our way.  The muscle fishermen were out tending the beds, they drive from one bed to another across the bay and come fairly close to the shore.  Scout is very suspicious of them and curious watching them carefully, not sure if she should bark or not.  She decided on “not” when I began to toss the ball again to distract her.   When we got back from the beach I made lunch and had a shower and let my hair dry in the breeze and sun while I wrote this. It’s now dry and blowing in my face while I write, I can see it reflected in the screen.

This is the way to spend a lazy day at the cottage.  I want to do some yoga and some writing but there is time left in the day, lots of lovely time to just watch the clouds and relax, and if not today there is tomorrow.  I always think that this is just a dream and that it won’t last for long, so I’m trying my best to soak in all the wonderful things that go along with owning a cottage here.  Hopefully, when my sweetie arrives back he can sink into this way of being, he might decided to spend his time asleep, dozing in his hammock, that would be fine as well. 

I hope where ever you are this summer, there are moments like this for you.

Dreaming big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to Friday

  1. Nikki says:

    If I close my eyes I can be there with you, it sounds perfect!!

  2. Break Free says:

    Right now Nik, I’m drinking a lemoncellio after having afternoon drinks with the neighbours….it’s a beautiful night here….go and get your passport and come and join me!!!! : )

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