The Moon

For the past 4 nights the moon has been here, full, bright and shining on the water.  It is one of the most beautiful sights that I see in this place.  It hangs, huge, just above the island in the bay and cuts a path of white across the water right to my large sliding glass door and through the sky light. It lights up the entire cottage making it look like a dollhouse.

And this week I have HATED it.

For some reason I can NOT sleep.  For the past 4 nights I’ve been averaging 2-3 hours a night.  It is the weirdest feeling to be utterly exhausted and wide awake at the same time.  My mind is buzzing, when I call my husband on the phone my brain is running a speed and 1/2 I don’t let him finish his sentences.  My friend Ann, was laughing at me the other night because I was so hyper from lack of sleep that I reminded of her kids.

It began like this, I went to bed the first night and a few hours later woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep.  We’ve all had those nights where our brain wakes up and kicks into high gear. I tried reading but to no avail, I put it down to the alcohol that I drank at the neighbours dinner that night and moved on.  It got worse.  I guess my brain decided it liked this new pattern and night 2 found me out side staring at the moon, loving and hating it at the same time, being eaten alive by mosquitoes, which I definitely hate.  

The 3rd night, was a combination of frustration and amazement.  I was so tired by this point I really couldn’t think straight.  I found myself on the beach sitting on my neighbours stairs (we have a ladder, it’s hard to sit on) watching the moon in the freezing cold.  I decided to walk the beach in hopes that it would tire me out.  It was incredible.

I found myself walking along icing sugar in this beautiful light, our red beach being transformed to white powder.  It was so cold that I was wearing yoga pants, a hoodie and I had a small blanket around my shoulders and I was still a little chilly.  I took off my flip-flops and had a moment of shock when the warm souls of my feet landed on the cold sand.  I let the water wash over my toes and stepped around all the seaweed and jelly fish that didn’t make it back out in the last tide.

The wind was soft and cold, there were a few birds out, which I was surprised to see I didn’t realize that they flew at night.  There were different sounds on the beach at night that I hadn’t heard during the day. The sand was crackling almost like something was eating it.  It was early (late?) enough that the mosquitoes and horseflies had all gone home from work to their families with the days take, so no bugs bothered me on my stroll.  The mussel beds that are usually so visible during the day with their white buoys bobbing in the waves were just a black patch in the distance. I could hear the occasional plop in the water like a frog or  a fish was jumping but I think it was just the waves hitting a rock and falling back on themselves. Completely magical.

I did try to go back to sleep.  However, at some point I found myself, after much tossing and turning, back on the beach. THIS was worth all the sleepless hours, it was sunrise.  My favorite time of day is sunrise, I don’t get to see it often at home but here the sunrises are perfect.  The sky turns that wonderful shade of pinky orange and the clouds streak across, turning from indigo to periwinkle to sky blue, all the shades that we try to duplicate and never quite match. 

This morning, the moon was still out, it had moved, taking it’s place in the western sky still hanging in a back ground of dark blue indigo, white and beautiful.  In the east, the sun was beginning its rosy ascent.    As I stood there in awe watching another night fade into day, a heron flew over head on his way to the island for breakfast.  I sat and watched the sunrise for another 1/2 hour before I crawled back into bed for an hour of sleep, certainly not enough, but better than none at all.

I spent the day yesterday with a friend from yoga and her family.  We went to the beach, talked and laughed and ate incredibly great food, her mom made a raspberry pie that I definitely want the recipe for.  By the time I arrived back home it was 930 and dark, the guys from next door had noticed my headlights and had come over to help me take down the tent that I had painstakingly put back up that morning.  The wind was picking up and we’re supposed to get rain today, which, as I write this is coming down in sheets. A good day to snuggle with a book and a cat.  We had beer and talked for and hour or so, comparing days.  As soon as they left I crawled into bed and for the 1st time in 4 days dropped off to sleep. 

At 530 this morning I woke up to the sunrise, went out for a walk along the beach, the moon was fading out of sight, her time to shine over.  The sun was rising turning the sky pink but the clouds were out doing them both and the storm rolled in an hour ago. 

I am sorry to see the full moon leave us,  however, I’m very glad that I’ll be able to sleep for the next few nights without the allure of the beautiful moon.

Dreaming big from the East Coast,


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