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Here we are the last week of August.  I’m still at the cottage for another week, we’ll leave here next tuesday for the long hike back to Toronto.  I’m really not looking forward to the return, this year it has … Continue reading

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Sounds of the Cottage

There are certain sounds that seem to be synonymous with all cottages.  The sound of rain hitting the ground or water, the sound of a canoe paddle bumping gently against the side of the boat then the drops into the water as … Continue reading

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Perseids Shower on the Milky Way

It’s here again, the Perseids meteor shower, for about a week up to August 11th you can see the falling stars in the northern hemisphere, culminating on Aug 11.  This week I’ve been braving the cold out doors and the bugs to … Continue reading

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Reflections of a Lone Cottager

The weekend is over.  Emma has flown home and I’m sitting at the picnic table having my tea and watching the mussel boats drift from one bed to another.  It’s a grey day although warm enough, there is no sun.  … Continue reading

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Island Tour

I realize that I haven’t been up on my posts lately however until last thursday it’s been very quiet.  I wanted to post a lot of pictures with my blog however since our hub is so slow it takes too … Continue reading

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