Island Tour

I realize that I haven’t been up on my posts lately however until last thursday it’s been very quiet.  I wanted to post a lot of pictures with my blog however since our hub is so slow it takes too much time so I’ll be taking lots of them and posting them when we get home in September (yes I said September!). 

Emma arrived Thursday night, I picked her up at the Charlottetown Airport, 1 of my favorite airports in the world.  This wonderful building has 3 major airlines that fly into it, Westjet, Air Canada and Delta.  Until last year I didn’t even realize that they had a customs area for the American Delta flights.  The airport is so small that it’s a breeze to negotiate and I actually enjoy dropping and picking friends and family up (I do prefer pick up!). We stopped at Baldersons fruit stand on our way back to the cottage picking up raspberries and cherries for our breakfast and a Carmel apple pie for our dessert.  The sun was just beginning to set by the time we arrived back, there was enough for her to say hello to the ocean and see the red sand of the beach before dinner, chatting and bed.

The next day was a hot one, 27 degrees.  This was the day I had decided to get our island touring out-of-the-way.  We kidnapped Yvette from next door, at the Macdonald compound, drove into town to picked up Ann and headed out for a day of touristy stuff.  None of the other girls had met each other although Ann and Emma have been hearing stories for the past 3 years.  Yvette was new to the group but with her infectious laughter and sunny personality I knew she’d fit in brilliantly.  

We began at Peakes Wharf, doing what girls do best, shopping! Emma immediately found some treasures to take home and really enjoyed the kitschy quality to the shops.  We tried on sunglasses and chatted our way around the boutiques until we climbed the stairs to the largest outdoor patio in PEI for a quick-lunch.  We discovered that all of us are only children, so it was “all about us, all day”, we had a lot of fun with that.  Conversation was on going and there really didn’t seem to be even a moment of unease at all. 

The islands ice cream factory, Cows, does tours, we had to do that.  Unfortuantely there was no ice cream being made that day,  however they did give us a tour of the machines, the t-shirt factory and the cheese fridge.  The tour culminated with a sample of “Maui Cowie” ice cream, I’m going back for more of that sometime soon. It really might be the best ice cream in Canada, however Kawartha Dairies could give it a good run for its money.  

On to New Glasgow and the PEI Preserve company, where they make wonderful preserves from island ingredients, always one of my favorite stops.  We decided to take a walk through the “garden’s of hope” to burn off some of the food we’ve been eating.  I have pics of Emma in the hammock that we stumbled across, and some cheesy pics of her and Yvette posing as beefy Scottish guys.  We laughed and puffed our way around the gardens since some of it seems to be up quite a steep hill.  Down the road is New Glasgow Lobster Suppers, the actual goal of the day.

I have mentioned this place before, you have to embrace  your inner 1960’s and go with the flow.  The dining room looks exactly like it probably did when they opened in ’59, rows of tables facing the river Clyde.  The unlimited chowder, salad and mussels began as soon as we sat down and then the lobsters came out.  Last but not least was the Sky high Lemon Meringue pie that they are so famous for.  The 4 of us wattled out of the dining room 60 minutes later, alternately giggling and groaning about the amount of food we ate.

We headed back to Charlottetown to drop Ann off then on to the cottage.  The day was still hot, and we decided to go for a swim.  The water was warm but the bugs were hunting us so it was a quick dip, fast shower then off to the neighbours for drinks and chat and more laughter. 

The rest of the weekend went along these same lines, lots of good food, lots of good things to drink and wonderful company.  I’m very sad that Emma leaves today.  It’s been so much fun showing her around “my” island and spending time chatting and playing I am going to miss the girly time.  I guess there’s always next year for another visit, hummm, I guess I’ll have to get planning that one.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast


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  1. Nikki says:

    Sounds fun, wish I’d been there! x

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