Here we are the last week of August.  I’m still at the cottage for another week, we’ll leave here next tuesday for the long hike back to Toronto.  I’m really not looking forward to the return, this year it has been an illuminating summer.  I’m not sure I want it to end, although in reality, I think it ended yesterday.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time here alone this year, my sweetie having to return to TO for work so the neighbours adopted me into their family. This family is a large one consisting of 6 kids and their spouses and children and a cousin and her family.  I have had the best time with them.  I’ve been here for every sibling’s vacation, each week or 2 a changing of the guard with a new sibling and family.  They all seem to know that I’ve been adopted into their ranks, they all seem to want to spend their time with me and I love spending my time with them. 

I’ve loved the stories of family history,  I think I might actually know theirs better than my own.  The really interesting part is getting each sibling to tell the same story, this way you pick up little extras from each retelling.  Since I have a good memory, I’m having fun with the comparisons.  I’ve learned how to read some of the signs of the bay, when the best time to go swimming is and how nothing stands in the way of cocktail hour.

I’ve been sent home with “homework” for next summer, there are songs to learn, a song book to put together “In the key of Girl”, movies to watch, and books to read, oh, and I need to up my sarcastic quotient and polish up on my trivial pursuit knowledge. I’ve decided that my TV time will have to be downgraded from “rigorous” to “non-existent” in order to make sure I get everything done.

I’ve learned a lot about myself this summer, somethings I like and somethings I don’t.  It’s been a very introspective summer so the fact that it’s the last week now means that I’m going to have to implement some of the conclusions I’ve reached.  I’m not looking forward to this, one of the things I’m probably going to have to come to grips with is that I’m going to have to go back to some kind of job outside the home.  It’s been a good run, working from home and I’ve enjoyed it however I miss the interaction with people not to mention the pay cheque a few times a month.

As I sit here on our deck, I can hear the waves lapping on the shore, tide is up, the wind is rustling through the trees, the crickets are chirping, it’s quiet and peaceful and I really really miss the Neighbours.  The screen door next door is quiet now the chairs are all up on the table and the fridge is open to air it out.  Our cottage will be this way soon, as we prepare to drive home and come back for closing in October. 

Like a little kid I really don’t want summer to be over yet and I’m trying to hang on to it tooth and nail.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature has a different plan and the warm water in the bay will soon be too cold to swim in and the nights will have that bite to them that signals fall.  I know I’ll never be able to repeat this summer, there are parts that I don’t ever want to repeat but I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to have this time here in the magical place, with wonderful people.

Next summer will be a whole new adventure and I’m sure the memories will be just as poignant and bittersweet as this years are. 

Dreaming big from the East Coast,


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