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Fall beach days

It has occurred to me that I haven’t left the cottage in almost a week.  I haven’t even been up the drive way, my car has been sitting idle in the back yard and I have no idea what day … Continue reading

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fly like an eagle

Eagle teaches us: Ability to see the highest truth or highest viewpoint Connection from earth to sky symbolising balance Spiritual energy That we have the ability to reach great heights when we find the courage to do so That freedom … Continue reading

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The summer my voice came back

When I was a teenager I took singing lessons.  I may have mentioned Mrs. Devereux before, she was the proper piano / singing teacher, in Aurora where I grew up.  You had to audition for her, and pass, before she would even consider taking … Continue reading

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Back to the Cottage

It’s back to the cottage for me, I can’t handle TO! Actually, I’m going to do some work and to close it down for the season.  Since it’s quiet there and here I decided that I could take some extra … Continue reading

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The Bang Bang Club

Last night was the world Gala screening of “The Bang Bang Club”.  I was very reluctant to see this film.  A few years ago my Aunt sent me a photo of a little girl in Africa being stalked by a … Continue reading

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Finding Quarters

I’ve had this really weird thing happening to me lately, I keep finding quarters.  It began at the cottage.  I was pulling the tent down because it was getting windy and on the deck of the tent was a quarter,  … Continue reading

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Sunrise over the Milky Way

  I’m sure you’ve noticed that there is a new picture on the header of my blog.  This is the beach at my cottage taken at sunrise.  There were many mornings, as I’ve mentioned, that I was awake to watch this happen, … Continue reading

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