Waiting for Earl/Enjoy Stormwatching

All week we’ve been hearing and tracking Hurricane Earl.  He came up from the south, has traveled along the eastern seaboard to land this morning in Nova Scotia.  It’s been all the talk here this week, where he’s going to land, which direction and which part of the island will he hit.

We’ve been getting a lot of well wishes from my friends back in TO (and over seas) we’ve “battened down the hatches” here at the cottage, the tent is down all the chairs have been moved and my pots are safe under the new deck. I’ve done a run through the neighbours place, putting small things  under decks and taking a few chairs off and away from windows so the wind can’t pick them up. I think we’re good. 

The rumor, from the storm pulse website (see side bar for link) is that the hurricane will hit Nova Scotia near the Bay of Fundy then veer up towards Moncton then across the Northumberland Straight towards the west end of PEI towards Tignish.  Since we’re in the east end I think we’ll get quite a bit of rain and wind, hopefully that’s it.

As usual I had a hard time sleeping last night.  I was up at 330 this morning, out on my deck with no place to sit since we’ve put all the chairs away in the shed.  The sky was clear and the stars were shinning down on me, the crescent moon was bright orange, probably a sign of the storm, and there was a warm breeze blowing around me.  Hard to believe that in a few hours this could all change.

This morning as I write this post the wind is blowing making the bay choppy but no white caps yet.  There is still blue sky peaking between the clouds and the sun is still trying to shine out.  However, there is no beach, and the wind is coming from the east and I can’t even see Nova Scotia this morning, not even a hint of it.  I’ve just heard from one of the neighbours who lives in NS that they are having wind and rain for the moment.  We’re expecting the worst of the storm to hit around 2ish this afternoon. 

I guess with all the talk about storms and hurricanes it seems strange that I feel very safe here.  In an email  yesterday, a friend told me to “enjoy  stormwatching”  the only person, aside from my storm chasing friend George Kourounis (again see side bar for his website), who has told me to enjoy this.  It can be scary to see mother nature at work but also exciting and awe-inspiring.  I think since there is nothing else to do, I will enjoy stormwatching.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


PS I’ve just been told that the centre line for the storm has now shifted and we are now in it.  I’ll keep you posted.

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