Finding Quarters

I’ve had this really weird thing happening to me lately, I keep finding quarters. 

It began at the cottage.  I was pulling the tent down because it was getting windy and on the deck of the tent was a quarter,  a shiny silver quarter.  I really didn’t think that much about it, I thought it had probably just dropped out of someones pocket – probably my sweetie.  I picked it up and tossed it into the change bowl.

The next week, the same thing happened again, a quarter on the same deck in almost the same place.  Now I had been on my own at the cottage for a few days and I knew that the quarter hadn’t been there before because I would have noticed it in the middle of the deck, no one had been there for it to have fallen out of a pocket or purse.  Once again, I picked it up and threw it into the change bowl. 

I was beginning to think  it was just a weird coincidence until I found the 3rd one.  It was on the deck, again, this time there had been people there who’s pockets or purse it could have fallen from, but don’t you think it’s weird that it was a quarter again, on the same deck?

I put this out of my mind until my walk this morning.  I decided that I needed to walk, so I put on my itouch and headed out to the park, so much different from walking on the beach where I can go whenever I want wearing whatever I want to, tossing my flips off at the bottom of the stairs to walk in the cool sand.  Here, there is no way I’m taking my flips off in the park, there is too much broken glass and other things that can damage your feet. I went for a spin around the park, walking the route that I do almost everyday.  On my way back home, I walked down the back alley towards our house and on the ground, you guessed it, a quarter.

I’m not sure if I should just be regarding these finds as lucky money finds or if the quarter is trying to tell me something. And if a quarter could tell me something, what would it be? And who do you think I speak to about finding $100 bills instead? I guess it’s just my time to find a little money, and I should regard it as a lucky incident. 

Dream Big,


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2 Responses to Finding Quarters

  1. eileen says:

    Hi, I usually find dimes. But today I found a dime a few,pennies and a couple of quarters it usually happens when I’m worried about finances and I believe its Gods way of telling me he will provide!! God Bless! Eileen

  2. greeninkad says:

    I’ve been finding quarters left and right for the past 4 days…I don’t know what it means, but it did take me to your blog…kismet, anyone?

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