Fall beach days

It has occurred to me that I haven’t left the cottage in almost a week.  I haven’t even been up the drive way, my car has been sitting idle in the back yard and I have no idea what day it is anymore.  I had to take a few minutes yesterday when the neighbours drove out on their way home, to think about the last time I had actually left the cottage and it was scary how I couldn’t remember.  Then I realized, girls night was last friday, my friend Ann and her dog Shelby came for movies and chat, I had popped into Cardigan to pickup what Ann likes to drink.  That was it, last friday…now what day is today?!

Now that we have the hub at the cottage and I can keep in touch with the outside world via email, facebook and my blog, I’m not as cut off as I once was and it seems that is the trick.  I’ve always had my cell here, however since I’m on a pay as you go plan it cost a small fortune to call anyone, I keep the phone calls to a bare minimum.

I realized today that I need to do a little grocery shopping and I should return all the bottles to the bottle exchange that I sorted through last night.  That was an interesting experience, there were way more bottles than I thought there were.  Tomorrow night begins a busy weekend for me so I guess the quiet cottage days have been good rest for my soul.

Friday night I’m off to Charlottetown for a hockey game, yes, apparently I’m hard up enough for entertainment that I’m going, on purpose, to a hockey game.  Ann’s mom is an avid hockey fan and has season tickets and Ann asked me to go with them, we’re going to make a girls night of it and start with dinner then off to watch guys pound each other into the boards, should be fun.  Then I’m off to Halifax for the weekend to visit friends I haven’t seen in a while, then back to the island.

I think I’m sticking close to the cottage because I have to close it down for the season after the long weekend.  I am trying to spend as much time here before I have to give it up.  It’s been so calm, some of the neighbours were down for a few days, but they’ve left now.  The beach is quiet, settling into a fall rhythm.  Even the mussel men don’t come out until about 830 in the morning, and they only stay for a few hours before they hurry out of the bay to go where ever they go.  However, the days have been warm, I walked on the beach yesterday in my shorts, the water was warm enough for me to put my feet in but not to swim and my summer tan is still trying to hold on. 

I suspect these days will end over the next week or so, which will be alright since I’ll head back to the big city to weather winter. Leaving my little blue cottage alone to the elements of the bay, waiting patiently for us to come again in the spring and open up for another beautiful season.

Until then, I’m going for another walk on the beach!

Dreaming big from the East Coast,


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One Response to Fall beach days

  1. Nikki says:

    Roll on next Spring!!

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