A dear friend passed away this week.  Mary Jane, had been suffering from Alzheimer’s for the past 10 years and was in a home.  This is a family who I became friends with when one of my best friends from high school married their youngest daughter.  My husband and I would spend time with them in their beautiful home in Bobcaygeon, moving with ease from our generation to theirs.

Last week Mary Jane had a fall trying to get out of bed by herself, she hit her head, it was a bad accident and the family was told to expect the worst.  Friday night my friend, Kari, flew in from her home in Nova Scotia, met up with her sister, Kristy to be with their mother and father, Bill.  Kari’s husband and daughters were driving from Nova Scotia to be with their grandmother at this time.  Mary Jane passed away Saturday evening 5 hours after her son-in-law and grand daughters arrived.  She was surrounded by family at the end.

The amazing part of this story is that friday night, Kari and her father decided to go and get something to eat, Kristy stayed with her mother so that some family member would be with her at all times.  Kristy decided to talk to Mary Jane, she sang songs and told her stories and then ran out of things to tell.  Realizing that, she asked a nurse to find her a bible so that she could read some of her mothers favorite passages to her.

The nurse returned 10 minutes later with 2 bibles in hand.  The 1st one was a shiny new bible and not the version that Kristy wanted.  Embarrassed, the nurse then handed Kristy an old beat up bible that had seen better days.  This was the right one.

Kristy began to leaf through bible, picking out the passages that Mary Jane had loved and reading them out loud to her.  She realized that she had skipped Matthew, so opening the bible to that page, she was stunned to find that scrawled on the opposite side of the book was her mother’s signature with a date from 60 years before…..Kristy held in her hand the bible that Mary Jane used when she was 10  years old for Sunday School, with all her notes written in the back.

Some how this bible had made it from the church in Bobcaygeon to the home that Mary Jane lived, and on the night before she died, it came back to her, to comfort her and her family.

When the family cleaned out Mary Jane’s room, they found 2 bibles tucked into the back of the nightstand, if Kristy had looked there she would never have asked the nurse for a bible and they would never have known that Mary Jane’s bible was there.

I’m a firm believer in things happen for a reason and whatever you believe is out there be it God or The Universal Energy – it works in mysterious ways for reasons we don’t fully understand.

I’m pretty sure that this will be one of my favorite stories for years to come.

Dreaming big in TO,


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