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Getting lost in the details…

Last night my friend and I stayed up, even though I was exhausted beyond belief,  ’til the wee hours talking and planning both of our futures.  It’s good to have a girly chat and plan. What I realized was that you can … Continue reading

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130 am Tuesday January 25, we drove over the Macdonald bridge in Halifax.  After 21 hours in an over packed car, with 1 cat who whined ’til well past Montreal, 1 who slept like an angel the whole way, an … Continue reading

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Road Trip!!

Today is the official road trip day! An over packed car, 2 whiney cats and my good friend Mary Anne…..who has NO idea what she’s in for….. Lots of updates when we get there. Dreaming Big for the last official … Continue reading

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Something Stupid

I took this quiz on face book the other day, what was the number one song on your birthday, my song is “Something Stupid” by Frank and Nancy Sinatra.  I downloaded it yesterday and I’m wondering if the song that was … Continue reading

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With grace….

The days are getting longer and my time here in Toronto is getting shorter. This weekend I fly down to Halifax to meet my truck and begin to set up my apartment.  Then I fly back next weekend clean up … Continue reading

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Automatic Pilot

It might be time to move up to a level 2 yoga class.  I’ve been under quite a bit of stress over the past 6 months.  I’ve lost a lot of weight, not sure if that’s from the anxiety, the … Continue reading

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It’s moving day and I’m FREAKING OUT

Yesterday was moving day…well, it was the day my “stuff” moved, I’m still here until next weekend.  I was awake at my usual 330 am, my mind running off in about a million different directions of all the things I … Continue reading

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