Stuff…..WAY to much stuff!!

It’s 1:30 am, I’ve just woken up from a deep sleep, do you know why? Because I’m worried about the “stuff” that the moving van will be picking up on friday and wether or not I’ll be ready with all of it packed.

The ridiculous thing is that I keep realizing that more things have to be packed, NOW and that they can’t wait until next week when I follow the truck out to Halifax.  That means that 1/2 the bed I’m currently sleeping in has to be packed.  Just when I thought I was almost finished…..

A large motivator is the price, I’m being charged 42 cents a pound to move, which apparently is a great price. What crosses your mind when you hear this is, ‘I don’t have that much heavy furniture I should be fine” but it’s not the furniture that gets you.  It’s the boxes of blankets and dishes and “clutter” that becomes the heavy stuff.  Not to mention the boxes of family photos that I’m in charge of because I’m the only one left….who else wants pics of my Dad and his siblings when they were babies? There is only me, I’m really seeing the wisdom in the digital age.

I know that today I will  get the rest done and that I will be fine for the pick up time, but it just seems so overwhelming.  Also, my goal was to NOT take a whole bunch of stuff with me and it looks like that’s exactly what I’m doing.  I still have to sort the papers in my office, since next weeks project is finishing the books for the corporation I have to make sure that the information is available.  Thank goodness those boxes can stay, but the personal tax info for both of us has to come with me.  See, this is what I’m up against.

It would be so amazing if I could just grab the cats and get into my car and drive to my new life without anything.  Buy new stuff of the other end.  It also makes me wonder why I need so much stuff anyway.  I think one of my jobs later on today will be going through the boxes I’ve already packed and picking ones that can stay here in TO.  Maybe I’m being to greedy, maybe my EX needs to take more stuff….maybe goodwill needs to get more stuff…maybe my friends need to take more.  Or maybe I need a storage unit on the other end for the stuff until I have the time to sort through it…do you think I”m allowed to have a “hall” sale in the condo?

When my mother was dying in the hospital, she checked herself out for a week, so she could go back to her apartment to see her “stuff”.  She didn’t want to spend time with her family or friends, she wanted to see her “things”.  She actually told me that.  I do NOT want to end up like that, where the only thing that’s important to me are my things, this terrifies me.  Ok, that makes up my mind for me, I’m vetting the boxes, some of this stuff needs to stay here in Ontario and NOT travel to the east coast….anyone need anything?

Why do we end up with so much? People all over the world live with so much less than we have here in North America, why am I feeling the pull to keep “reminders” of my life, when I’m just going to have to dust it in the end?  Why are we so reluctant to give it up? Why am I? Is that we cling to the memories? Maybe it’s the guilt of being the “only” one? Maybe the trick is to have someone you don’t know pack for you…that might be a great idea, there wouldn’t be any sentimental crap getting in the way. 

OK, that does it, I’m getting up in the morning and tearing some of the boxes marked “vintage” and “Doulton” out of the pile and into the goodwill pile…I’m going to revisit the DVD/CD boxes (2 of them) and of course the picture boxes will have to have a sharp eye directed at them…..I told the moving guys that I had 20-30 boxes to go – they add 10% to that estimate…the challenge….get the boxes down to 40!

Dreaming Big from TO,


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