It’s moving day and I’m FREAKING OUT

Yesterday was moving day…well, it was the day my “stuff” moved, I’m still here until next weekend.  I was awake at my usual 330 am, my mind running off in about a million different directions of all the things I haven’t done for the move.  By the time I got out of bed at 7am I was in full panic mode.

I should have thought about how hard this would be, I should have asked a friend to come and be with me but it never occurred that it would be tough, I have no idea why but it really didn’t.  So, I began calling my support system, couldn’t get anyone on the phone until my cousin,Tracy, answered hers, she managed to get me to a point of calm that was just under the “red” level panic. 

The guys who arrived in the huge 18 wheeler were great, Matt, the cheerful one, Shawn the veteran with the good sense of humor, and Jake “the muscle”.  Shawn had been here before, moving my things to the cottage 3 years ago, it was nice to see him again.  As soon as we began the walk around my panic attack reared up again into the rosy glow of “red” and I was off to the phone to find someone to talk too in my hour of need.

Despite my bouts of tears and pacing the guys were wonderful, smiling and joking w/ me and each other, working around me and ignoring the tears.  They did everything for me, taking all the worry out of the move, un-hooking my washing machine and speakers, packing and wrapping all the furniture like wonderful little presents.  I did a Tim’s run for them, and found myself “emotional” eating an apple fritter, for some reason when you know that’s what you’re doing it really isn’t very satifying.

By the time my support system kicked in to full force the guys had worked their way through  most of the house systematically packing everything (my fault I missed one table that now will have to go to my friend’s place for her Dad to bring out to me in April!) my panicked feelings were beginning to die down to a dull roar and exhaustion was taking over.

My cousin and her friend came over to make sure I was ok.  My friend Mary Anne called me 3 times to make sure I was thinking positively and trying to change my negative feelings around – of course, it really didn’t help that she was doing this from her friends hot tub, irony is NOT lost on me!  Another friend from out of the blue called to see about getting together for coffee on sunday, a phone chat to Nik in London was arranged for sunday AM. 

However, the best offer of the day came from Katie and her husband Martin – long time friends who not only gave me the loan of a blow up bed (which I am going out next week and buying one to have in Halifax it’s so comfortable) but invited me to dinner that night, which it turns out I really needed.

The past 6 months have made me believe unconditionally in asking the universe for what you want and that it will provide for you.  Sometimes it takes time to see the results of your request, sometimes it’s instantaneous, like yesterday when I was freaking out.

I think I’m going to continue to ask the universe for what I want, the next thing is a job in Halifax that I love and that pays for more than the bills…of course, winning the lottery would accomplish the same thing, so maybe I should just buy a lotto ticket, if I won, I’d really be freaking out.

Dreaming Big from TO,


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