130 am Tuesday January 25, we drove over the Macdonald bridge in Halifax.  After 21 hours in an over packed car, with 1 cat who whined ’til well past Montreal, 1 who slept like an angel the whole way, an old high school friend to chat to, we were greeted by a beautiful large golden 1/2 moon, hanging in the sky.

I had arrived in my new city.  Halifax.

I navigated the city streets to my new rented condo in the touristy part of town on the water front. Pulled into the underground parking to find a car parked in my spot…..again! After a frustrating few minutes where I wrote out a terse note for the driver of the car we pulled into a spot and began unloading the car.

The next 40 minutes were a flurry of moving from the car to the apartment with just the essentials, leaving the rest for the morning to unload. We then collapsed into bed for a few hours of sleep, waking up the next morning to a beautiful, sunny cold day.

Off to Peggy’s cove.  It really is a great place to visit in the winter, there are no tourist.  The ocean is a dark blue almost black, it washes over the rocks leaving behind a skim of ice and salt.  There are a few disgruntled sea gulls hanging around, one sat on the rocks outside the restaurant while we had a bowl of soup, giving us a very disapproving look. It began to snow softly and it making the whole place look beautiful.

Today we went for a long walk on the board walk to Point Pleasant park then off to Windsor to visit my friends for lunch and return a vacuum I borrowed.  I am quite frankly, exhausted.  I think I need a few days to crash and finish unpacking my apartment.

All to soon, my friend will fly back to Ontario and I’ll begin my adventure here in my new adopted city.  I am looking forward to exploring my new neighbourhood and meeting new people.  I’m looking forward to trying out the yoga studio right down the street from my place.  I’ve already become a regular at the coffee shop across the street, not only for the tea and chat but they have internet, something I haven’t set up yet.

All this will start to happen over the next few weeks, the everyday routine will begin and I really will have arrived!

Dreaming big from the East Coast,


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