Fairy Snow

Last night it began to snow, big fluffy flakes.  A friend of mine called it fairy snow because it was so light to shovel.  There has been a winter storm watch here in the Maritimes.  When I looked out my window this morning there was a few centimeters on the ground but not a lot.  I was disappointed, I was looking forward to my 1st big storm of the year.

I decided to venture out to a new yoga studio to try the classes.  I bundled up, grabbed my mat and headed out, it was just beginning to snow again, although this time it was a fine mist snow coming down fast.

After walking for a few minutes, I realized that the sidewalks and roadways were very slippery and there didn’t seem to be many plows or salters on the streets.  This is a sight I’m not used to, in Toronto if there is even a hint of snow the plows are out, no one wants a repete of the Army being called in to dig us out. The rest of Canada, to this day, still makes fun of us for that.

The yoga studio is about a 15 minute walk up hill from my place, I’m sure I’ll be able to shave sometime off that shortly but right now the hills are kicking my butt (although they should be great for my butt by the summer!). It was a fast class, 45 minutes, she covered all the basics and it was a good introduction to the studio.  However, by the time I walked out the door, an hour later, it was snowing hard.

The walk home was made better by the purchase of a cup of tea from “David’s Tea” and there were a few times I thought I might lose my footing on the snow.  The wind had really picked up by the time I reached the street that runs beside my building.  It runs straight down to the water and it was blowing hard….the storm had arrived.

As I sit in my lovely little cosy apartment with Stacey Kent singing in the back ground and a big cozy sweater on, the snow is falling fast and furious outside.  I can hardly see across the court-yard to the other side of the building.  For once, I guess the weather reporters are right.

But snow days can be good, you get to snuggle down and read a good book or watch an old favorite movie.  Make a great meal, mine’s spaghetti, comfort food (mashed potatoes and mini sizzlers are my other go-to food choice) or clean out that closet that you’ve been avoiding for the past few months. Lots of wonderful things to do on a day that you can’t do anything else.

I’m  very glad that right now I don’t have to be anywhere but here, enjoying the day with my cats.  I’m sure future snow days won’t be this relaxing but for my 1st snow day in Halifax, this one is “almost” perfect.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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