Adventures in wine….or is it Whine?

I’ve been in Halifax now for 3 and 1/2 weeks, it’s a beautiful city. My rented condo is right on the harbour.  When I was looking for my place I decided that I needed to be right down town close to people so when I felt sad or depressed I could just step out my front door and be in the middle of everything.  I couldn’t have picked a more perfect location.

I’m close to everything here, there’s a superstore around the corner, (that’s Loblaws to you folks back in Ontario) 2 liquor stores, 4 coffee shops, a yoga studio lots of great restaurants and 2 farmers markets.  I was really excited, the farmers markets are very close and I was looking forward to doing my weekly shopping there.  The only down fall to being by the water is that EVERYTHING is up hill, oh well, at least my butt will look great for the summer.

The 1st weekend I was wandering around the market and bumped into my friends Andy & Yvette, we joined forces and began to wander and talk all the way up to the wine section of the floor.  Yes, this is the amazing thing about this province you can sell wine at the market, unlike Ontario, where only the liquor board or a small speciality store can sell.  We stopped at a small table that had Cranberry wine, started talking to the woman who was selling it and, well, to make a long story short I now work for that vineyard selling wine in the market every saturday.

Let’s face it, I’m not doing this for the bucks, but it gets me out of the apartment with a purpose, I get to meet people and talk to alsorts of different folks and I get to sell wine. The only problem is that I’m the only one on my booth so I don’t get a break and I don’t get to walk around the market ’cause there’s no one to watch the booth.  I did make it to the cupcake lady towards the end of the day last week….emotional eating anyone?!?

The 1st weekend I was selling, a couple was sampling the wine and we began to talk.  They asked me if I’d ever been to PEI, when I told them I have a cottage there, they asked me if I’d ever been to the Cardigan Farmers market, “every week to pick up my organic box”, I answered…. it turns out that they had recognized me from that market.  They have a cottage near by and the husband is from Montague.  Proving that the Maritimes is a small world after all.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here, there have been moments in the past few weeks I have wondered what I was thinking to move here, in the middle of January.  It’s been cold and grey, but yesterday sunny skies and beautiful temperatures sent me out in search of a beach to walk along.  I headed up to Purcell’s cove and Herring Cove. I didn’t find a beach but stopped at this beautiful look out just outside of Herring Cove, I sat here for about 10 minutes and just breathed in the ocean air and listened to the waves roll onto the rocks, sitting in the sunshine it was almost perfect.

Herring Cove Lookout Feb 17/11

The snow is still around but the rock I was sitting on had been warmed from the sun.  A friend tells me that you can walk down to the water and around the point, maybe next time after the snow melts, I’ll give that a try. It was wonderful just to go and sit someplace quiet and listen to the sounds of the water.

I’m heading to bed early tonight since I have to be at the market between 730 and 745am to begin selling.  I’m looking forward to a birthday party tomorrow late afternoon.  I still haven’t met a lot of people so my friend here have been very generous about sharing their time and lives with me.  Tomorrow is another day of meeting and talking to people and selling cranberry wine….you never know who I’ll meet next.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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