Sundays have traditionally been a slow day for me.  Getting up early going to the french bakery buying croissants for our breakfast, making coffee, then lazing around the house.  Well last weekend I did find a french bakery here.  I have to drive to it, it’s not really walking distance, and they don’t have the croissant choice that Clafouti has but their plain ones are very good.  I’m still getting up early, thanks to the girls and my bad sleep patterns, and I have to get an espresso maker for here for the coffee part.

This past week I went to the library and took out some tourist books.  I keep trying to figure out what to do with myself on the weekends so I thought since I am new here a tourist book will help me get to know the city and the surrounding area.  I know there is an art gallery to explore and a marine museum.  There is also a museum of natural history.  These are all good things to do at this time of year since it’s so cold out. 

Quite a number of the things to do are outside, Halifax and Nova Scotia have a lot of beautiful places to explore and things to do. One of the books from the library is a book on kayaking trips.  One of the things that I’d really like to do this year, both here and at the cottage this summer.  That will have to wait awhile since I’m sure I just heard the radio announcer say it’s minus 10 outside and there’s a chance of snow later on.

Today is a grey day and I had planned a day of yoga. I’m still searching for the class that can kick my butt like Pat’s class in TO so far with little success.  The meditation classes have been great.  There is the one studio that I refer to as the “militant” one, they do a full primary series class on sundays, that will definitely be enough to reach that goal of butt kicking, it’s been ages since I’ve done the entire series.  I might go to that today.  If it gets warmer later on I might go for a long walk in the park. 

However, it is sunday and maybe I’ll just go to the easy yoga class at the 2nd studio and take the “nourish” class, pick up my 2 books at the library that came in this week and have a nice relaxing day with the cats.  I guess that’s the beauty of Sunday, it has never-ending possibilities and I can pick whichever one suits me.  Hope you have a wonderful day whatever  you decide to do.

Dreaming big from the East Coast,


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