The elusive search for the perfect LBD

This morning I went shopping for a LBD (new acronym for me, Little Black Dress, thank you Kari).  For those of you in the know, I hate shopping, I actually loath it.  2 times a year my ex-husband had to drag me on shopping trips, he was really great and had fine tuned this to an art form.  First, we would make a trip out of it by hitting Target and JC Penny in Buffalo.  He would make sure I was “fed and watered” before letting me enter the store and then we’d hit the women department 1st.  I think I may have mentioned this before in a former post.  I become a cranky 3-year-old very quickly in this situation.

Well now I have to do this by myself.  So I sucked it up today and decided that if I wanted to wear something other than jeans to this due on saturday night I had to get out there and buy something, not just something, a LBD.  Off I went, I programmed the GPS and hit 2 malls and some boutique stores.  One of the stores I went to was one that I’ve previously had really good luck in “Laura”.  A nice sales lady listened to my story about what I wanted to buy and then went into the back and got me what I thought was my current size in a black dress with a little shrug type jacket.

With trepidation, I went into the change room to try it on.  First of all, who do we talk to about the lighting in those places?  Honestly, I look like the bride of Frankenstein when I get in front of those mirrors, and those mirrors!! I had NO idea I had so many flaws in my skin and where did that extra roll come from?!? And people wonder why I hate shopping?!?  It is a wonder that any woman comes home with anything to wear under those circumstances. I closed my eyes against the glare of the light on the mirror, slipped off my shoes and clothes and slid the dress over my head and turned to look. 

The woman who looked back at me was pale and needed highlights in her hair (kit bought and time set aside to do this tonight!).  The dress?  Black shift that hit somewhere around mid calf, nowhere near short enough and HUGE on me, this dress, in the size I thought I had become was to big! She did a little dance in the mirror before I shimmied out of the dress and hung it back up.  A very happy woman looked back from the mirror – still needing highlights and looking pale but now knowing that the past few months of no dairy, very little dessert, all that anxiety and walking was paying off.

I left the store happy, knowing that in my closet at home was a cute little floaty skirt I can work with, that will look great with boots and I just might need to figure out a top.  I came home and checked my emails to learn that Saturday night has been cancelled.  There is no need for the LBD this weekend.  I changed into walking clothes and set out to the park, I want to make sure that when I do find the elusive LBD it will look smokin’ hot on me.

Dreaming big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to The elusive search for the perfect LBD

  1. Kristy Gordon says:

    okay – how did you go down dress sizes? I want that diet!!!!! lol….I’m at the stage where I’m glad I didn’t throw out my “fat” clothes because all the weight I lost for my last surgery is right back on, plus 5 pounds!

    Sigh…I just bought a gym membership – haven’t activated it yet, but at least I bought it!

    • Break Free says:

      it’s the anxiety/panic diet! Also, I gave up dairy and most desserts…..course I drink more now so I’m pretty sure that cancels out the dessert part! LOL! I have 1 or 2 more to go….I’m sorta in between sizes, not a bad place to be!

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