ever had 1 of those days?!?

Today was “1 of those days”.  You know, the ones where you really should have just stayed in bed? It doesn’t matter how positive you intend to be at some point in the day you realize that you feel strange and all you’ve been doing is whining.

It was hard to get up this morning, I didn’t have a late night, a friend and I had dinner but I was in bed by 1030.  The waking up, as mentioned in a previous post, is getting hard to deal with.  I woke up 3 times before I finally gave up and stayed awake, dozing off for about an hour before I had to get up.  Between my restless brain and the “angel” cat meowing and generally being a pain in the butt – sleep is a rare commodity ’round here. Then my alarm didn’t go off, luckily enough I woke up about 2 minutes after it should have.  I had already learned that the plans that I had for tonight had been cancelled.  I was quite disappointed but there was nothing that could be done.  Not a great start to the day.

However, I was willing to over look these little failures – I pushed back the curtains in my bedroom to see the sun beginning to turn the sky pink and when I came out to the kitchen to put my water on for tea, I checked the temperature, it was going to be a balmy 2 degrees and sunny all day.  Things were looking up.

I headed over to the market to open the booth for the day, I was a little late but that didn’t bother me to much it was still before 8am so that seemed to be ok.  I set up, said hi to the women in my area and settled down to wait for the customers.  I was feeling unsettled today, not sure exactly why, but unsettled was definitely the overwhelming feeling.  The market was very quiet.  I’ve included a picture below, this was taken at 9ish, it’s usually packed by this time and I’ve usually sold at least 5 bottles of wine by this point. This morning I sold my 1st bottle at 10 to 10.

Halifax Market around 9am ish March 5

The day didn’t get any better, I usually sell around 3 cases of wine (36 bottles) but today I didn’t even clear 24.  There were quite a number of people who wandered by and I gave quite a number of samples out but it seemed as if everyone was just there to look.  At 1st I thought it was me, my unsettled attitude rubbing off on the customers but as I chatted to the other vendors in my vicinity they were having the same problems….tire kickers, as we fondly refer to them.  At one point I realized that I was being really whiney and hadn’t sold a single bottle in an hour, so I packed up the booth, chalked up the day to the beautiful weather and headed home.

As I sit in my living room, I have a few beautiful candles burning I’m listening to great music and the unsettled feeling left me about an hour ago to be replaced with exhaustion.  I realize that not ever day is going to be the best day of my week and sometimes you just have an off day and there’s no way around it.  Tomorrow is another day and I’m looking forward to seeing what it will bring.

Dreaming big from the East Coast,


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