The “Crazy”…….

Since the summer I’ve been doing quite a bit of walking.  Mainly to walk what I call “the crazy” off.  This is when my brian decides that it can not possibly stop thinking.  Sometimes it’s one subject sometimes it’s all the subjects but it has the same result, it sends the rest of my body into a panic, anxiety ridden place that needs to try to escape my brain.  

There have been good things about this and bad.  The good, I’ve lost 2 dress sizes and am on my way to loosing a 3rd, it makes me happy to walk. The bad, sometimes I can’t walk when I need to – like the middle of the night.  I was hoping that the fitness room here in my new building would have a tread mill and it does, but it also has a sign on it that says “this is really broken” it actually says that.  I guess someone didn’t believe it was broken.

I live quite close to Point Pleasant park at the tip of the peninsula, where in the day,  they used to hang the bodies of pirates to discourage other pirates.  Ironic name.  Hurricane Juan tore through it 8 years ago and damaged quite a bit of the park, some of my friends here haven’t been back because of the damage, they find it to sad. 

I find it beautiful, there are winding paths through the forested areas, beside little ponds, paths that run beside the harbour and along to Purcell’s Cove, paths that unexpectedly end at a historical monument and  paths that lead to beautiful gazebos that have fabulous views of the ocean. There are lots of dogs who seem to have so much fun running and chasing the squirles, birds and each other.  And people like me who are there because it’s a beautiful day and they want to walk.  One guy who was running yesterday lapped me 3 times I was impressed since the hills in this park are huge!   I’ve discovered enough that have challenging hills that I can walk for an hour and feel like the “crazy” is held at bay for at least awhile.

Point Pleasant Park view of Purcell's Cove last week

Last week there was still snow on the ground and the shady parts were covered in ice. This week it’s all melted and the park paths are a little soggy but good to walk on.  I’m looking forward to seeing the seasons change in this park and on the ocean. 

I’ve had my hour walk today, the wind on the ocean path was blowing hard and still quite cold but in the forest it was beautiful and almost warm.  The “crazy” has been put away until later on, I think I’ll set my stereo up this afternoon – music is also good to get rid of the “crazy”.

Dreaming Big from the east coast,


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