It’s the little things

When I decided to move here I was concerned about where I was going to live, how I was going to live and what I was going to live on.  The things I didn’t think about are the basics of life that make everything easier, the things that you take for granted when you’ve lived in a place awhile.

There are the important things you need to do like change your driver’s licence, and health card (still have to do that) your address with all your mail, oh and let your family and friends know that you’re moving.  However, it’s the other things like a doctor, dentist or the all important….hairdresser, that provide the missing link.

I’ve been quite lucky as I have a very good friend here who relocated with her family a few years ago and had done all this research. She has already scoped out all the good, the bad and the ugly.  I just dash a note to her and bingo, the great recommendations come flooding back.  Last week it was a dermatologist, this week….the hairdresser.

It turns out that her cousin has recently moved here from Ontario, 3 months before me, and is a hairdresser.  I called today, not expecting to get in and at 2pm today I was sitting in a chair in a little hairdressing shop up off of Spring Garden Road, haveing a  great chat with this woman with a purple streak in her hair. 

We had a great time, a similar situation brought us both to Halifax, and like me, she has a few friends here but not a ton so we’ve decided that we’re going to try a new wine bar on Barrington one night.  It will be nice to have a new friend especially one who has a similar background to arriving here and quite a number of similarities to her current life.

The things that have been the hardest for me are the little things that we all take for granted.  The shopping place that you know you can always find those great pastries for that party you’re going to, or where to get that perfect LBD, even the best place to get a great cup of coffee.  It is amazing to me how much ritual we all carry without even realizing it. 

I miss TO and my friends and family that I have there.  Sometimes, when it all gets to be too much, I want to pack up and move back to all that is familiar, to the comfort zone.  It’s the little discoveries that encourage me to stay, that make me realize that all will be well, that I don’t have to find the exact same things here.  After all, that’s the reason I moved here to experience new things and places. But a little comfort is always welcome, just to prove that the world isn’t such a big lonely place.

Dreaming big from the east coast,


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2 Responses to It’s the little things

  1. Sheila says:

    There is no place like home, however…..
    One day in the not so distant future you will make a visit back to TO. It will be great to see family and friends, be familiar and comfortable and all those things BUT you will also have the realization that it isn’t your home or place any longer….your home and place is with your new life in Halifax!


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