Spring forward?

It’s sunday morning, the clocks have sprung ahead an hour and for some reason the cats know this.  If I ever find out who taught them how to tell time, they are in big trouble…you have been warned, whomever  you are!

The sun is shinning at the moment but there is a promise of rain for later.  I have the coffee on (yes coffee, espresso!) the bacon is spitting in the pan and the french toast is on its way.   I have music playing (softly) on the stereo, and the window open, it really is a beautiful sunday morning.

Yesterday at the market was another day of tire kickers, not much wine sold, good thing I’m not paying my bills on this, just putting the cheques aside for future things.  However, it was a great day for friends.  Two women that I hit it off with a few weeks ago came back to say hi to me and we ended up exchanging numbers and promises of dancing were made. That’s probably not good, since I’m not a good dancer but I think it will be fun to hang out with these funny, great women.  The women around my booth and I are beginning to have  a lot of fun, and one of them and I are going to try to do a coffee/drink thing as well, she has a small child so it’s hard to arrange that.  Slowly, I’m beginning to meet people and hopefully my days won’t be as lonely.

I haven’t decided what to do today, a friend of mine is feeling sick and I have some soup I bought from the soup lady yesterday that I want to deliver but other than that it’s a clean slate today.  Walk in the park? drive to a beach and explore? Art gallery? Maritime Museum? Natural History Museum? or just hang around? so many possibilities.  I think the walk will now have to happen since I ate all that french toast and bacon, here come the hills.

I’m slowly settling into life here, of course, some things will change when I get a job and the routine will alter slightly but even that will be a good thing.  Friday morning I had my “Temp Test” I registered with a temp agency for part-time work.  I think it’s a good way to familiarize myself with the city and maybe to help me figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  I was nervous about taking this test since I wasn’t sure I would pass the “editing” and “typing” parts.  I tried this years ago in TO and I don’t think I did very well.  To my surprise my test results came back above average.  I type faster than I thought and with more accuracy than I imagined.  Apparently, my editing skills are also good – although re-reading some of my past posts I find that a little hard to believe.

I have 2 interviews for full-time jobs this week, both in my industry, 1 of which is actually looking for someone with my skills as a scheduler, the other is just a courtesy interview for future times.  I’m still waiting to hear if I will get an interview with one of the Universities in town, that would be an interesting job, dealing with students.  Life is moving along with work and friends.

With all this under my belt for the week I can sit back and enjoy this beautiful day for what it is, a day of doing whatever I want in the beautiful sunshine.  Right after I clean up the kitchen from the french toast I made earlier.

Dreaming big from the east coast,


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One Response to Spring forward?

  1. Sheila says:

    I registered with a temp agency also….I had mixed feelings on the experience; I didn’t really like the process because even with years of experience in my field I still had to go through their tests which made me feel like I was back in school, but the effort was also proactive in getting out there and finding employment. I had a call or two…but at the end of the day it was my own direct responses to employment ads that were successful.
    P.S. Written words reach out and touch everyone uniquely….without realizing it you provide a fond memory for me every time I read your comments about tire kickers. I lost my Dad in 2003…he ran a used vehicle dealership for many years and used that term often when he referred to his browser shoppers who were literally tire kickers! I smile every time I read it 🙂
    Sigh of relief…tests clear…I am good for another three months.

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