The Company House

I’ve been complaining a lot lately that I have very few friends here in my new city.  I started working at the market for a few reasons, a) to have someplace to go with a purpose at least once a week, b) to get a little extra cash coming in until I get a full-time job, somebody has to keep the girls in kibble & litter c) to meet new people and hopefully new friends.  Well, last night it paid off. 

These two wonderful, funny women who I met a few weeks ago came into the market this weekend and we ended up exchanging numbers and email addresses and the promise of going dancing.  Well, they found me on facebook, (what would we do without facebook?) and invited me to go to a live music show at a local bar “The Company House”.  I have to admit my 1st reaction was “NO” it’s sunday night, it’s in a bad part of town (Gottingen St.) I’m too tired – the excuses started to roll out of my brain like a trained seal.  Then I realized that I’ve been complaining for the past 2 months about not having more friends or things to do and here is the PERFECT opportunity to have both, WHAT was I thinking?

So, at 730 I kicked the cat off my lap, where she’d been happily purring away while I read, fixed up my makeup, combed my hair, dug around in my closet until I found something “casual yet cute”, programmed the GPS and went out to meet my new friends.  My timing was perfect they were just coming down the street as I was crossing it so we all went in together. 

The bar looks like most of the places on Queen St. in TO.  Small venue with  a stage in one corner, dark tables scattered around the room with tea lights on them and local art work on the walls. I have to admit there was a huge painting of a roster on one of the walls that I was particularly fascinated with, not sure why, but it was great.  My friend introduced me to one of the singers/songwriters who was getting herself a drink, and later on I recognized the girl who took our cover charge was one of the singers as well. 

The stage was set for 4 of them, it was a singer/songwriter evening.  Ian Sherwood, Kim Wempe, Ashley Condon, and Ria Mae.   They all had guitars and Ian played sax on a few of the girls songs.  It was great.  They started to play, they went in turn, each playing a song of their own, with the occasional help from the others for back grounds, sax or shaker egg.  I think they played about 5 songs each, stories were told before, during, and after songs and they were funny.   I could hear similarities/influences in two of the women to other singers, Alanis Morissette and Norah Jones/Adele were the ones who came out strong for me.

The evening ended with Ashley Condon singing a song called “The Neighbours aren’t home” WHAT a way to end the evening, I believe she said it was on her last album, but there is no way it was as good on the CD as it was seeing her perform it in person. 

I had a wonderful time listening to the great music with my new friends, and I hope to do it again soon.  I am really glad that I got off my butt and went out for the evening, I can’t wait for the next adventure.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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