Hurry up and wait….

This is the week of hurry up and wait. I hate weeks like this.  I’ve put my resume out, I’ve talked to people who want to hire and want to interview me but all the appointment are booking for next week.  I find myself cooling my heals without any idea of what to do next and hours to fill.

I have to admit I’m having a problem here. Right now, I’m to TO for Halifax.  It’s no wonder the people here look at us from Ontario with exasperation.  We’re all go-go-go and the pace here lends itself to more to relaxation.  The people here realize, that like the sea, everything will happen in its own time for its own reasons.  I’m trying to absorb this attitude but I’m having trouble. I’m pretty sure this is the patience thing again.

The truth of the matter is that I am incredibly lucky.  I’m in a position that I can take my time and find the right job, I don’t need to rush into something just because it’s available.  As a matter of fact my initial thoughts were that I was going to temp for a while so that I could get to know the city and meet some people and still have the luxury to spend some time at my cottage this summer, since it is so close.  However, if I want to make my future plans happen I’m going to have to work sooner rather than later.  This is where I’m in conflict with myself.

I’ve been having good luck working with my gut since I’ve been here and I know that if I continue to do so everything will be fine.  However, everyone I know is so worried about me having a job that it’s starting to rub off on me AND although I have a year of worry free in my apartment it’s already the middle of march and look how fast it’s going….do  you see my predicament? Decisions will have to be made sooner than I think, choices will have to be arrived at, there is advice from friends to be considered closely (then approved or disregarded as appropriate).  The panic ensues.

The resumes go out and the waiting begins.  What to do with the spare time this week? I really don’t want to spend it panicking I do enough of that at 3am.   I’m walking in the park – taking harder hills.  I was directed to a new place to try to-day I’ll see if I can find it.  Maybe, I’ll try a new yoga studio, and a drive up the coast is certainly in order, time I think to check out the surfing at Lawrencetown Beach.  There are a few things planned, a coffee with an industry friend, a meet and greet with another and 2 girls nights.  It’s just the hours in the day that I need to make mean something so that I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time, wishing my life away, as my grandfather would say.

I realize that soon enough I’ll be caught up in the daily grind of working and I’ll be longing for these days back.  By then I’ll have so many things that I want to do that I’ll be lamenting the wasted hours, wishing I could return to them.  However, for now, it’s just hurry up and wait.

Dreaming big from the East Coast,


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