Quest for yoga…

The ongoing search for a yoga studio and class continues this morning.  I’ve found 2 more studios to explore. If neither of these work I am going to throw myself on the mercy of my teacher, Pat, back in TO and beg her (I hope you’re reading this Pat) BEG her to start doing pod casts. I would gladly pay for them, I just want a decent yoga practice.

I feel like Goldilocks, the 1st studio was to militant, the second studio was to flakey, I’m hoping #3 &/or #4 will be just right.  It seems to me that I might have to entertain the thought of going to more than 1 studio at a time, which could be very expensive.  But the timing of the classes is very bad and the content of the classes is weird.  For instance studio #3 which I’m going to try this AM – has potentially great classes at some good times however on sundays… there are NO classes until 6pm – right at dinner time, weird.  Studio #4 – which I’m going to try on Sunday @1015am only has restorative or hot yoga classes in the mornings during the week.  I don’t do hot yoga, restorative is great but hot is just not my thing.

I’ve been trying to stay within Halifax for my classes but if this run of finding the perfect place doesn’t end soon I’m going to have to branch out to Bedford or, gasp, Dartmouth!

I realize to you non yogis that this is probably a boring subject.  To you, a yoga class is a yoga class, just get on with it already, but for me I need a combination of things to make it work.  I need a teacher who I love, who isn’t to flakey yet does have some spiritual leanings. I don’t like to chant but if the class is good I’ll do it.  I need a class that kicks my butt so I feel like I’ve gotten a work out yet leaves me feeling better about my self and the world around me and I need an atmosphere of calm and beauty.  Oh and a little dose of meditation at the end of the class isn’t a bad thing either.  Not asking for much am I? Well, I don’t really think I am considering I had all of this in TO at Octopus’ Garden.

It almost makes me wish I had become a teacher while I was in TO.  That way I could either open my own studio here or at least taught in one.  Right now would have been the perfect time to do this as well, however there is that little matter of the money.  It’s become an expensive thing to learn to teach yoga, approximately $3000, and that’s only the 1st half, not to mention the amount of hours it takes. 

Hope springs eternal for me.  I had no idea how lucky I was to have found Pat and Scott all those years ago at Downward Dog.  I know, maybe they should open a satellite studio here we could have a big screen at the front of the room and an assistant here to do the adjustments and they could teach their regular classes and we’d follow along here.  Oh, that would be heaven! The best of both worlds.  Wonder if I could talk them into that? humm, I might have to do up a business plan!

Well it’s almost time to leave, wish me luck!  The quest for the elusive yoga class continues, I’ll keep you posted.

Dreaming big from the East Coast,


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