It’s a wonderful weekend…

This was a great weekend.  It began with the yoga class on friday and just kept getting better. 

Goldilocks has finally found her yoga class.  Third time was the charm.  I went to a studio called Therapeutic Approach to Yoga.  Not a very swish name for a studio but 1 of the owners, Mike, was teaching a 930am flow 2 class that I mentioned in my last post and I was hoping it would be good.  Not only was it good it was almost identical to how Pat teaches, not quite as ass kicking but the same style with a good sense of humor and switching up the poses to keep us on our toes.  I left the studio with a sense of satisfaction and joy that I’ve found my new home.  I’m trying a level 2 class on Wednesday hopefully that will give me my 2 studio classes a week that I’m looking for.

I left the class and headed for the park for my hour walk, in the freezing cold but arrived back at the apartment feeling great and ready to tackle anything.  Friday night was drinks with friends Renee and Dawn at the Old Triangle – they had invited a few people they had just met so it was a lot of fun to meet new people, more friends.  It was an early night however since I had to work the next day at the market.  When I arrived back at the apartment my friend, Sheila, who lives in Miami called to chat and see how I was doing so that just finished friday night off wonderfully!

Saturday was market day and the women of the market! I love the women who have booths around me, there’s Mary, the soup lady, Sharon who sells salt crystal candle holders and lights, Leanne who does beautiful art with seashells and Jen & Mel who sell beautiful jewelry (I bought a spoon ring this weekend from them).  I’m getting to know everyone in our area it’s a lot of fun.  Renee and Dawn dropped by to see me in the afternoon, bringing one of those amazing cupcakes….naughty ladies! It was great! Renee even took a shot at selling wine for me when I popped down to get Mary and I a coffee.  Saturday night was soup from Mary, which was wonderful, and a long, long chat with my friend Ann in PEI.

Mary and I had decided to meet at the market on sunday – we don’t open that day but   few vendors are there and there are a few that are not there on saturday so at 1130 we met for coffee and a troll through the market.  I bought food for the week and some new artwork for the apartment.  We then decided to go for lunch in the Hydrostone at Epicurean Morsels.  We just made it in with 5 minutes to spare before the kitchen closed and had a wonderful brunch of smoked salmon and latkes.  It was so good I actually bought some of the salmon to bring home, yum.  We wandered around the stores, stopping in to say hi to Jen at her store Lady Luck where I ran into another friend of mine, this town really is small.  We then spent an obscene amount of time in the Olive oil store tasting alsorts of good things.  Then Mary took me to a consignment store of vintage things, I was in heaven. Lastly, off to the Wired Monk for a Butterscotch latte to wrap up our day. 

I walked home from the monk in the sunshine with a bounce in my step for the perfect day that I had just had.  I had a ton of amazing food to eat (Mary brought me some of her butter chicken) and was going to tuck into a quiet evening at the condo with the girls or so I thought. When I arrived home there was an invite for dinner, which made it “more perfect”….what are the words for how I feel? Oh ya, incandescently happy, I think that’s what I am today.

Right now, I’m waiting for a friend in TO to call me to let me know if we’re walking together but it’s getting later here so I’m going to give her 10 more minutes then I’ll take my headset and get to the park to start.  If we get a chance to walk and talk it will be great but I’ll get my hills and time in now.  I’m really happy about this arrangement, she’s just had a baby and wants to walk and we have been walking buddies for years so it’s easy just to make her one of my “fab 5” and then we can walk, catch up and get in shape together.

Wonderful ending to what I hope will be 1 in a series of  great weekends. Tonight, pottery lesson #2 and next weekend, I’m off to Truro..

Dreaming big from the East Coast,


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