Rainy days and Mondays…..

It’s raining here today, not just the little misty stuff but full-out torrential rain…. it began just before my walk in the park, which I cut short, since it was pouring by my second hill. I soldiered on for another few minutes then gave up.  I’m supposed to be doing the personal taxes for us right now, actually I was supposed to have them done last friday and I will have them done by tomorrow, but today seems to be a write off (pun not intended!).

I can’t concentrate when it rains here.  I love the rain but for some reason it makes me itchy here, and it really brings me down.  It’s really crazy.  My friend Lisa sent me a package for my birthday which I got on saturday (when I picked my mail up).  She and I have been friends since we were born – our parents were friends so it was logical that we would grow up together.  We don’t usually exchange gifts for our birthdays or christmas’ but we do try to go out for a coffee and treat to celebrate.  This year, with me 4 provinces away, there will be no coffee and treat trip. So she sent me a little package of travel tea bags and a buttercrunch bar, her version of taking me out for my birthday.  I’ve almost finished the bar….probably not a good sign.

Maybe the cats have the right idea, it’s bad outside so they’re both curled up in various mohair blankets that I have.  I can hear small snores coming from the couch where Tabitha is curled up to look like a throw pillow, all you can see are her white whiskers.  Prairie is on my bed curled up under a pale blue blanket softly snoring as well.

Should we all have days that we can do this on? I think we used to call them “mental health” days, we all need them, even if it’s just to catch up on our sleep.  The rain sounds so nice hitting the windows, when I open the big sliding window in my apartment I can hear the mourning doves as well.  It would be nice to get under the covers with a good book a cup of tea and a snoring cat but the paper work calls and there is no time to dally. 

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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