Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my birthday…..I’m 44.  I wasn’t sure if I should put that in there, but hey, I’m actually ok with being 44.  I’ve come a long way over the years, gone through good times and bad and I’m in a very good place with who and what my life has become.

I have to admit this is my 1st birthday away from everyone who has known me for a long time.  This is the weirdest part of moving to another city that you don’t have ties to, the fact that there is no “family” or “long time” friends.  I do have one couple who I have known for over 20 years but they live outside of Halifax, but came in to take me for a lovely lunch.  My new friends have been amazing, making me feel very loved and special on this day.

I miss my husband, I miss my cousins, the friends who I’ve known forever, but most of them have sent me cards, small packages, and have called to let me know that they’re thinking of me and that they love me.  I am incredibly lucky.

The other night, at pottery class, we were talking, one girl, Molly, who is subletting an apartment here in Halifax.  Her neighbour had come over that morning and threatened to call the police saying that there is to many people living in the space, there is 8 of them.  I left the class feeling incredibly lucky that I don’t live in a situation like that, that I never have had to I’ve always had a beautiful place with people who love me to stay in.

So on this day, I am grateful that I have a family who loves and supports me in whatever I choose to do, I have old friends who don’t want me to forget them and that mean the world to me and I have new friends who are becoming very special in my life.  I am grateful that I can be in a place that is clean and beautiful for my soul to mend in.  I am grateful for my past and present relationships that have nurtured me and taught me to become the person I am today.  Life is an adventure and the people in it are what make it worth it…..thank you all for being a part of my life for the past 44 years, here’s to the next 44.

Happy Birthday to Me! From the East Coast,


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