The Party’s Over

This is the title of a Judy Haliday song that my mom had asked me to learn years ago but it seemed appropriate for today as well.

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday, thanks to everyone who sent me good wishes for the new year, it really means a lot to me.  I was taken out for a wonderful girly lunch, cheesecake and giggles were definitely had (I’m paying for that cheesecake today though – oh dairy, why has thou forsaken me?!?).  Dinner was at the Micmac Grill (see MMMM….STEAK post for that description) good food and friends to chat to.   I was dropped of early and had a few wonderful phone calls to finish of my evening.

Once again, I am moved to say how grateful I am for the family and friends that I have in my life.  The past year hasn’t been easy for me, I’ve made some tough decisions, I’ve hurt a man I love very much, I’ve moved half way across the country (well it seems like half way) all in the quest of being happy and making sure that my life is everything it’s supposed to be. It’s taken some time to get into the rhythm of living in a different city and making new friends and I won’t kid you, it has not been a walk in the park.  However, what’s that saying “nothing ever worth having is ever easy”? Already, I’m feeling more in balance and my life is sliding into a more peaceful place.

I’m looking forward to the “new” year and all the adventures it has to bring.  This time next year I hope to be in a new place hopefully overlooking the ocean and working and playing near by.  Yikes! next year is gonna be 45…..not sure how I feel about that! But I’m sure I’ll be ok with it eventually, after all, I have an entire year to get used to the idea.

Thanks once again for all your good wishes.  I hope that your year is filled with laughter and love and that this next year will be one of the best for all of us.

Dreaming big from the East Coast,


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