Exhausted and Happy

The Easter weekend house party was wonderful.  We drove down to Rhodes Corners just outside of Lunenburg.  My friend, his son and nephew,  last to arrive and happy to be there and see everyone.  We were fed almost immediately and the guitars came out and singing began.  Everyone headed to bed at a relatively early hour since a number of family members were heading off to church for Easter service the next morning.

The house is on a beautiful 40 acre property with a working farm next door and rolling hills surrounding it.  There was no time to enjoy the view that morning.  After the church goers arrived home there was just enough time to change into hiking clothes and climb into the cars to drive to Kingsburg and Gaff point for the hike.

The very 1st time I visited Nova Scotia, years ago, we rented a cottage in Kingsburg.  It’s an odd situation this little hamlet, one side of this place is all cottages with beautiful beaches that are all privately owned, mainly by americans.  You are not allowed to hike on that side of the beach unless you own or rent.  However, the other side of the beach is public and this is where we headed.  We parked the cars and walked along the board walk to the beach that was covered in cobblestones, big ones.  For the 1st 15 minutes we walked along ankle wrenching rocks watching the 5 foot waves rolling in and hitting the beach.  You could hear the rocks being pulled back in to the water by the receding waves.  Very cool sound.  We stopped to watch 3 surfers who were very brave in their wet suits in the cold water.  Then we were at the path.

The next 3 hours were spent climbing through a beautiful forest with well maintained paths that opened onto soaring vistas overlooking the pounding waves of the ocean.  We walked along shale and through old glades of trees, it was truly beautiful. I now know why people hike.  I was really pleased with myself, all the walking I’ve been doing has made me stronger and lighter and the hike wasn’t to long for me or to exhausting, although I was tired that night.

Back to the house for amazing afternoon snacks (guacamole, tapanade from Chris & Ethan and salsa w/chevre from Sarah) and well deserved beers and rum punch (Andy & Yvette) before dinner.  I took the time to call my family back in Ontario, to wish them a Happy Easter and to tell them how much I miss them.  They were happy to hear that I wasn’t by myself and that I was being taken care of.  This is the only bad part of moving out here, I miss my family and friends back in Ontario.  More great food and an amazing dessert which I couldn’t eat but the small taste I had, was amazing (Chocolate Tofu Amaretto pie from Sarah).  Thank goodness for the 3 hour walk.  More guitars and singing finished off the evening.

6am monday morning I was awake watching the sun rise, I decided to head downstairs to make a cup of tea while everyone else was still asleep and watch the sun from the porch.  Susan, my hostess, called me back up stairs to point out a herd of deer walking through the field next door on their way to the day time hang out place.  What a magical way to begin the morning.  The theme of the weekend continued  with a walk through the mossy forest in their back yard.

The forest is one of those beautiful ones that’s blanketed in soft moss, so different from the day before walking on all those hard rocks.  The moss is spongy and damp and smelled ….. well, mossy…like warm earth and spring.  The sunlight streamed through the trees and lit the forest up, deep greens and browns.  All to soon we reached a small stream that runs though the property and this is where the path becomes a fight with nature, so we turned around and headed back. Time to go home.

We left our weekend playground, driving back the scenic way through Mahone Bay following the ocean.  The sun bouncing off the waves and making it look like someone had dumped diamonds in the water.

I arrived home to two grumpy cats, exhausted and hungry I think I lasted about 3 hours before crawling into bed to dream about crashing waves, sun dappled forests and laughter.

Thank you to my “adopted” family for the wonderful weekend.  I am very lucky to not only have my incredible cousins back in Ontario, who love and support me but also, these amazing people in my new home, who have accepted me into their family as one of their own.  I am truly grateful for all of them.

Dreaming big from the East Coast,


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