“THE” Wedding….

Like almost everyone else in the world, I watched the Royal Wedding this morning.  I had no intention of setting my alarm to get up but I thought since my sleep patterns have been so weird that the chances of me being awake to see it were pretty good.

30 years ago, my dad woke me up at 530 in the morning to see Diana and Charles walk down this same aisle and 2 years ago I had the chance to visit Westminster Abbey.  It seems fitting that at 630 Atlantic time (which would be 530 TO time) that I was wide awake to see William and Kate walk down the same path.

I’m sure, I’m not the only one blogging about this experience this AM.  I couldn’t let this historic event pass without acknowledging it, and it’s raining outside so I can’t go for my walk yet.  I didn’t get dressed up for it or bring in special foods, which I know some did.

I’ve never been a “white” wedding kinda girl.  I’ve never wanted to walk down the aisle of a church to the strains of “here comes the bride”.  I’d be quite happy to elope, or go to the town hall then have a huge party with family and friends.  That being said this wedding was the perfect “princess” wedding.  Kate’s dress was beautiful, I loved the neckline with all the lace, and the veil with the satin trim and tiara was incredible. The prince at the end of the aisle and the horse-drawn carriage with 4 snow-white horses to whisk her and her prince back to the palace for the big moment of the kiss, “sigh”,… it’s all the stories that little girls are raised on.

I’m glad that I did get up to see them married, they are a beautiful couple and look to be very much in love.  Now, if a break in the weather would happen I could go for my walk.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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