“Sis-boom-ba” aka Quispamsis

Yesterday I was up at 505am to drive with my friends Sarah and Stuart to Antigonish to attend Sarah’s graduation.  She has been working towards finishing her Masters degree in Adult Ed.  After 6 years of working full-time, scares with her husband’s health, and the death of her Dad, Kent, she finally reached the finish line.  This is the 1st University Graduation I’ve attended and we drove in the dawn to St. Francis Xavier University, affectionately known as St FX, for the 930am Sunday morning ceremony.

There were some moments before I arrived, when I thought I might not make it to Truro on Saturday night (Sarah & Stuart’s place).   I had a “mishap” with a highlighting kit on friday, I tried a new one and it worked VERY well, and I’m now VERY blond with a dash of “orange” or as I’m calling it “strawberry blond”.  I’m working on dulling it down, I think it might take a while.

Saturday afternoon I went for my walk in the park and lost my car keys, panic ensued.  I had been walking for almost an hour and had NO idea where I may have lost them.  I took a moment to close my eyes and picture the keys, the chunky black key that starts the car, the Tiffany’s key chain that my husband bought me a few years ago and the red lobster claw band that has bleached to a pale pink that I put on the chain last summer.  I imagined them being placed in my hand and how grateful I felt for finding them, I took a deep breath and began to walk, retracing my steps.

I saw a young guy taking a picture of the two seals that someone had carved out of an old tree trunk on the main path to the Tower road parking lot and something made me ask him if he’d seen any keys in his travels.  “Mercedes keys?” he asked, “Yes” I replied with short-lived relief, he then proceeded to tell me that he’d given them to a “nice couple” to take to the parking lot and then if they couldn’t find me to drop off at the office (the closed on weekends office).

Again, another deep breath, I thanked him, at least I knew that the keys had been found and I could stop searching the ground.  It took me a few minutes to find them, a few panicked minutes when I realized that the office was indeed closed for the weekend.  The “nice” couple had left them on one of the giant maps in the information pocket, it actually took me a minute to realize what I was looking at when I spotted them.  Breathing a sigh of relief and sending a grateful thank you to the couple who left them I headed to my car and on to Truro.  I am NEVER walking in that park (or anywhere) without having  my keys in a zipped pocket again!

Sarah class was one of the 1st to graduate. The school had wisely broken the graduates into 2 ceremonies, morning and afternoon, there was still about 700-1000 students graduating this morning.  Stuart and I, armed with coffee & tea, found seats in the auditorium and waited for Sarah’s name to be called.  I was a little annoyed because I wanted to get a picture of her actually receiving her certificate but someone tapped me on the shoulder just when she was shaking hands and I missed the shot…..is it bad karma to wish that person ill for the next time they try to get a picture? I did get some other great ones.  Stuart and I started a game of trying to figure out what exactly “Kinetics” was (we found out from the lady in front of us whose son was receiving that degree that it’s body movement and you can become a physio with this degree).

Then there was Quispamsis, this is a town in New Brunswick.  I was trying to figure out how to say it and listening to Stuart, I realized that it had the same beats as “sis-boom-ba” say it with me, Quis-pam-sis…see what I mean? What can I say, I was a little unmotivated to be interested after Sarah got her degree, she was counting how many Macdonald’s were graduating so I wasn’t the only one (58).  They finished around 1145 and we moved on to the reception which was lovely, more pictures were taken, party sandwiches and lemon flavored sheet cake were consumed and then we were on our way back to Truro.

It’s been long journey for Sarah (and Stuart).  I wasn’t there at the beginning of it, but was extremely proud to be there at the conclusion, to watch her walk across that stage and get her Masters Degree. Congratulations Sarah……now, as I keep saying, wouldn’t “Doctor Sarah” sound great, hum?!?

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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