My whole house smells like scallops. One of my favorite smells, it permeates the house and my dreams, even the girls love it (they are cats after all!).  The GG (aka the “great guy”, ok so maybe you will hear bits and pieces about him) made me a wonderful dinner of scallops and linguine last night.  Wouldn’t let me do a thing, that could have been for a few reasons, that he thought I would wreck it, or he just wanted to cook,  I really don’t care why, all I know is I had  an amazing dinner made for me.

Before dinner, we went for a walk on the boardwalk.  I live right down town in Halifax, right on the harbour.  It runs almost the length of the down town core and on a nice night (or even a crummy one) it’s really beautiful to walk along.  There are lovely old fashioned lights that cast a soft glow across the actual wooden boards, that they seem to be forever replacing.   The piers have a few of the big ships docked and wrapped up for the winter, rubbing gently against the wood. You can see the lighthouse on George Island, in the middle of the harbour, very pretty for a former prison and the one further out that marks the mouth of the harbour.  Dartmouth, all lit up on the other side, the stacks from the oil refinery glowing in the twilight.

The stars come out early here, or should I say the planets, I’ve been told that the 1st stars you see at night are actually the planets. Sometimes, not last night, but sometimes, the moon is so big you feel you can reach up and touch it.

We walked by the new park area the city put in last summer. There was a crowd of people standing around something, turned out to be a beautiful little white seal pup who was stranded from the tide.

They had called the right department,  yup, there’s department that handles these types of things, and they were getting ready to move him.  Mom was no where to be seen.  I wonder if he just got separated from her or if she had been hit by a boat.  I guess I’ll never know.  There he was looking up at everyone his little tail flapping, I felt so sad for him he must have been so scared, wondering who these strange creatures were, where his mommy was and what he was going to do to get out of the mess he was in.  Or maybe I’m projecting.  On our way back, we saw them loading the carrier into a car to take him some place safe.I hope that seal pup finds his way home.  It can be scary to find yourself is such a different situation, animals seem to have a better grasp on the “now” so I’m sure he’ll do just fine.

It’s supposed to rain and snow here for the next 4 days, good time to take walks along the boardwalk, stop at 1 of the many coffee shops for a hot chocolate and watch the ocean.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast


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6 Responses to Stranded…

  1. Sheila says:

    Your descriptions of sights,sounds and smells are so eloquent….we can taste your dinner and are strolling along the boardwalk with you. Besides blogging, have you ever considering other writings? Some stories perhaps, or really dream big and write a novel on the east coast??

    • Break Free says:

      I’m glad you think I’m good…I’ve been trying I have problems with “tenses” I tend to write how I speak..all over the place! I do have a teen book I was playing with maybe I should finish it! thanks for the comments – you know I love to get them!

  2. oreneta says:

    Sounds like a lovely evening! I don’t remember that part of Halifax well enough, I was always over by the sailing clubs. Go figure. You do evoke a lovely image of it…and a craving for scallops.

  3. Grace says:

    Sam, I agree with your friend Sheila. You are sooooo descriptive I actually tasted the scallops and
    now of course I’m going to have it for dinner. Please do consider writting a book while out there!
    I think you would be very successful!!!

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