Rum Punch or Hot Chocolate?

Yesterday was one of those days where all the planets aligned to give me something unexpected, wonderful but completely unexpected.  My friend who moved to Vancouver just before I moved here to Halifax, called me.  We’ve been trying to get time to catch up but between her work schedule (she’s a producer on a busy TV series) and the cross country time difference it’s been a challenge.

When my phone rang, I had just come in from a great class, with an engineer (re-recording) who came in to talk to the gang (Audio Engineering students).  It was so good to be back in that conversation and actually understanding what was being said.  For months I’ve been wondering what planet I’m from, constantly feeling like I’m flying by the seat of my pants and today, today was my day. I left the class at 1130 feeling like I actually got these guys thinking about what else might be out there for them, that music isn’t the only path.

Back to the phone call, I was answering a few emails, getting ready to do an errand and the phone rang, I didn’t recognize the number but it was clearly a 416 area code – Toronto.  I picked up and down the line came the happy British accent of my friend.  She was in TO for a lay over before heading off on her vacation in Roatan, Honduras.  It turns out her Mom who was supposed to go with her, bailed at the last minute. I’m not sure how the next thing happened, it’s all so wonderfully confusing, whether I invited myself or if she invited me but it turns out I’m headed to Roatan this Sunday for a week of girl chat and beach time.

It was crazy at first, how could I possibly be thinking about doing this? what about money? the fact that I only have a part time teaching job right now and am looking for a full time one? I’m going to need another apartment to move into the end of April….but this is the end of February..the thoughts spinning in my mind like a top.  There is also the volunteer position I’m doing right now for WIFT and the Women Making Waves conference that will be starting the 9th of March- I’m going to have a lot of phone calls to make tomorrow for a final push before I go – emails have been sent so it’s just follow up that needs to be done, I don’t want to let them down.

I put everything on hold, ran my errand, came back and finished the student marks submissions and emails that I had to do.  THEN and only THEN did I start looking at the possibility of making this last minute trip work.  The flight south was $200 cheaper than she thought it would be but getting to Montreal was going to cost almost $200 dollars MORE than the entire flight to Roatan…for a minute I thought that was it, then I remembered I have points… glorious points from my trip to Brazil.

Turns out there’s more than enough to get to Montreal.  A quick call to that lovely city gave me a place to stay the night before the flight south and the night when I come back (thanks to my wonderful friend who makes that city her home).  Now the only thing I had left to do was writing a few emails to move a few things around….my 3 hour class on thursdays, the explination to the co-chairs at WIFT, a meeting mid week next week and the hardest one, someone to watch the girls.

My friends son has agreed to stay at my place and take care of the ladies, I guess I’ll have to warn him, they have the potential to be such brats.  The emails have gone out and arrangements for a borrowed suitcase have been made… I guess the bottom line is that on Sunday AM I leave at the crack before dawn to go to Roatan, Honduras…which means that my “I’m going to blog everyday….” plan will be put on hold again until I get back on the 6th of March….

Just think of the amazing things I’ll have to tell you – or not, it might just be sitting on the beach with breaks for snorkeling, maybe even catch a few waves.  I love it when the planets align and everything works out. Oh, I guess my weekend plans from wednesday’s blog have changed, rum punch instead of hot chocolate? I’m sure, some how I will make do…..

Dreaming Big from the East Coast


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4 Responses to Rum Punch or Hot Chocolate?

  1. oreneta says:

    Yipee!!!! Planets need to align from time to time. Fabulous. Pictures? Pls?

    • Break Free says:

      Wow! I forgot that you’re 6 hours ahead!! LOL! I’m going to dig my camera out…I know it’s around here somewhere, and you are SO right…I need a few planets to align right now…keep me going! I haven’t had time to be excited yet, to much to do…scheduled that in for Saturday!

  2. Allen Ford says:

    Go for it
    Hope you have a wonderful time..
    to bad your not coming to To

    I am so jealous


    • Break Free says:

      I would love to come to TO but it’s actually WAY more expensive than heading south! LOL! I’m still reeling from how fast it happened – haven’t had time to be excited yet…I’ll do that tomorrow or sunday AM on my way to Montreal!

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