Chipmunk brain and other musings

It’s 430am Saturday morning, dark outside, the wind is driving the freezing rain against my windows, I love that sound.  I know, you don’t really feel sorry for me since I’m leaving tomorrow on my surprise vacation (that’s how I’m referring to it) but I love the sound of a good storm it makes me feel cozy. There are older posts on this topic so I will not bore you with another explanation on how much I love the sound of the rain (but I do!).

Everything is almost done for tomorrow’s departure, suitcases almost packed, sunscreen and insect repellent bought and stowed.  My friend came yesterday, picked up the keys and had the lesson on how to take care of the “crabby old ladies”.  A few more errands and I’m good.  I guess I can schedule excitement in for later today.

This is where blogging gets touchy, I really don’t have much to talk about right now except for leaving tomorrow and what’s involved to make that happen.  There’s nothing really notable in that, ‘sides, after awhile it just sounds like I’m rubbing it in.

The other things racing around in my head are to crazy for me to write about.  I call it “chipmunk brain” because it feels like there is a little scattered chipmunk running around from one “pile” of thoughts to another, taking bits and pieces back to dump in a larger pile, but not in any particular order. it’s very distracting.  Bits of “job” hunting are mixed in with “apartment”, “car” and “school” issues, never mind the “OTHER” thing that gets thrown in (and usually takes over) it really is pretty amazing that I’ve managed to hold it together.  I need to get one of those rat traps that the guys use at the cottage to put in there and snag that annoying little rodent! hummm, actually that’s not a bad idea, metaphorically speaking of course…..this is what people get anti anxiety pills for, isn’t it?

You see my dilemma? This is precisely why I haven’t blogged for almost a year and why you’re hearing about my insect repellent purchase. It’s now 530 maybe I should see if that damn chipmunk is tired of running in circles and will let me sleep for a few more hours.

I promise more exciting posts when I get back, full of how beautiful this place is and all the wonderful things I did and I’m even trying  to find the adapter for my camera to take proper pictures, I know it’s around here somewhere.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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