The 10 day tour…..

I’m back from the wilds of Roatan…..

It had some ups and downs – let me start at the beginning.  Sunday was spent in Montreal with my friend who very kindly put me up for the night (and drove me to the airport at the crack before dawn the next morning!).  We began the day with brunch with some of her lovely friends, then on to the metro to the ice village, where there was a bar and conference area along with an actual hotel (which I’m still confused about since there were rooms with beds but no bathrooms!).  A beautiful little church where they are performing actual weddings, all made from ice.  We did this tour to the sounds of the bells and horns opera being performed by all the ships in the harbour and the bells of the churches, this is done once a year – not exactly my favorite piece of music but interesting all the same.  We ended the night at the famous Schwartz’s for dinner – which has now been bought by Celine Dion, so I guess that’s the last time I’ll be going there – she doesn’t exactly have a great reputation for keeping restaurants alive.

My arrival in Roatan was warm and humid. The island, located off the coast of Honduras in Central America and is part of The Bay Islands.  I’m not sure how to say this without sounding snobby but when I got of the plane it did look like most carribean islands I’ve been to – hectic, warm, loads of taxi’s, lots of palm trees.  Exactly what you’d expect.

When I arrived at Sundancer Cabanas (see link) I was directed up 3 flights of stairs to where we were staying … to find the door locked….ahhhh NOT what you need after a 5 hour flight! Tracking them to the beach I had my 1st glimps of the turquoise waters that would be my home for the next week.  You’ve seen those pictures of  the beautiful docks with the little hut at the end and the blue blue water? It didn’t disappoint!

The next week was filled with exploring the beach, and limited touring around the island.  This is really a diving and snorkeling island there’s not much else to do.  The water was warm and the locals were nice.

The 1st view

This is where my story gets a little touchy, I almost booked a flight back to Canada on the Wednesday. Even though I was in paradise, I was feeling completely miserable.  My friends mother was an absolute nightmare! I’ve known her for a few years, spent time with her on her trips to Toronto but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything quite like this.  She was miserable from the moment I got there to the moment I said good bye.

Everything was horrible, there was nothing to do, I didn’t want to do the things that “they” liked to do – not true I was just opting out of some of the activities so I could get away from her so much negativity.  We knew that we would be changing cabins on the friday, moving to a smaller place and it would be crowed with the 3 of us so my friend and I decided that since I would be leaving on the monday that she and her mom would travel to the main land to see the ruins on the saturday morning and come back after I left on monday.  I would be alone for the weekend, at this point it sounded like bliss to me all I had to do was hang on til friday!

We went to the touristy section of the island about a half hour up the road, took a local bus – that was fun! the buses are large vans that for a buck they’ll take you where you want to go.  We had a lovely lunch on a deck on the ocean, the hot sun beating down on us and the breeze keeping us a little cool.  The mother daughter team then decided to walk the hour and 1/2 to the next place we wanted to go, while I decided to take a water taxi ($3 bucks) and sit on the beach and wait for them. I was relaxed and a little sun burnt by the time they got there.   My friend was incredibly annoyed and we headed for a swim immediately, it turns out her mother spent the entire walk telling her what a horrible person she was for something she had done last summer. NOT a nice walk at all. She and I ended that day with “Monkey La La’s” the local drink, (new cottage drink?) piled into the water taxi and headed back to the cabanas for dinner.

The next few days were wonderful. The mother daughter team went for long hot walks in the jungle, I spent my time walking along the beach, sitting by the ocean and pool and reading and relaxing, perfect.  The best time for me was when we finally moved to the little cabin.

Since they were leaving at the crack of dawn on saturday and I had been sleeping in the living room of the larger cabin, I moved to the little place on friday night. Ah peace at last, a proper bed, steps to the beach…perfect!

I spent the last 2 days of my time there snorkeling the reef, having brunch with new friends, sunbathing and going to bed early, having a perfectly lovely time, and in the end, despite the miserable mom, I had a nice stay. I met some new friends, soaked up the sun and swam in the beautiful warm ocean.  I’m sorry I didn’t get to spend any time with my friend catching up but I did get to see her and that does mean a lot.  I think in the future I might stick to phone calls and emails, traveling with her and her mom is just a little too stressful for me.

Back to the real world now! I’m glad to be home…..

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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One Response to The 10 day tour…..

  1. Grace says:

    I’m sorry your friends mom was sooooo misssseerrrable!
    But there is ALWAYS a liver lining in everything we do or go through in life and, you managed to have some real R&R afew hours here and there and especially the last few days.
    Look at it this way, atleast you got to go somewhere HOT and Paradise like and it also gives you and your sweetie some time to miss eachother madly. Enjoy your reunion of love.

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