Waves Day #2

I had a surprisingly great time at the conference on Saturday. Perhaps surprising is the wrong word to use, I thourougly enjoyed myself. I arrived at the crack before dawn or so it seemed, 8 am to MSVU (aka “The Mount”) and was given the job of hanging up signs so people could find us….ironic since I have never been to this school and don’t know my way around. I actually took the cell number of one of the girls so I could call if I got lost! As fate would have it though, the building was round so it wasn’t quite as dire as I had first thought.

It was a wonderful supportive day, everyone was really super nice and introductions and talk were easy. I found it incredibly nice that I actually could say hello to people I knew. After a year of being here in my “new” city, I’m starting to have friends in my industry and it’s a nice feeling.

The panels were great, the speakers incredibly interesting and informative, Kari Skogland the key speaker for the day, did an interview in the AM, then a directors workshop in the afternoon. It was great for me to hear how she blocks shots and the things that she takes into consideration for time, money and coverage.

The best panel by far was the women in comedy. Four amazingly funny Canadian Women comedians Nikki Payne, Christine Taylor, Cheryl Hann and the incredible Cathy Jones, hosted by Nancy Regan it was 75 minutes of intelligent, witty commentary on women in comedy.

By 530 it was all over, we walked around taking down signs cleaning up and getting ready to go home, some moved on to the dinner at the Lord Nelson with an evening screening, I didn’t go to that. There is a brunch and awards show sunday morning, which I’m also not attending. Although the are doing the draw for a painting I want and at this time I haven’t received an email so I’m assuming I didn’t get it….damn it, it was a PEI artist and would have looked amazing in my cottage.

I found yesterday very inspirational, certainly makes me realize why I love this industry so much and why I can’t really see myself doing anything else. Everyone always talks about transferable skills, which I do have quite a number of but I don’t really want to transfer them into anything else.

One of the last things that Cathy Jones said was that her goal is to be happy and if that means making a little less money to do what she loves then so be it, she also said she’s never gone hungry – what’s that saying? “follow your bliss the money will come”…..

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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4 Responses to Waves Day #2

  1. Good final thought. Well said.

    • Break Free says:

      Thanks I didn’t get a chance to say good bye to you yesterday….also that damn painting….haven’t heard so I’m assuming either Sarah is torturing me or I didn’t get it! LOL! oh well I’ll have to find the artist on the island this summer and see if I can afford one of her other works.

  2. oreneta says:

    Sounds like a lovely day, and making a little (or a whole lot) less to live how I want is something I’ve been doing for a while. Much better this way. For me.

    • Break Free says:

      I have my 10 year plan …. I just have to figure out the best way to do it….I’m thinking the happiness route should be it considering what I gave up to be here….I think you have found the trick, my friend!

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