Some of you may know that I’m a classically trained singer and that I used to sing when I was younger, weddings, festivals and a few competitions – As a matter of fact, for some reading this, I sang for your weddings.

For many years now I seem to have lost my voice, in more ways than one.  One of the amazing things over the past year or so,  is that I’ve started singing again.  At the persuasion of the GG I began to sing, he pulled me out of my shell, by just making it feel normal. I’ve always been a little self conscious about singing in front of people I know, feeling that any praise that I would get from them would only be because they are my friends and they feel they have to tell me I’m good, and of course, any slight can be 10 times worse when it comes from a ‘trusted’ source.

However, I realized that I am actually pretty good and that I shouldn’t be so afraid to open my mouth and belt out a tune.  I mentioned in another post that I need to do something with this and that a choir probably isn’t my best choice, however I will have to figure something out.

A few weeks ago I heard a version of Stevie Nicks “Landslide” that I hadn’t heard before.  My favorite one is by the Dixie Chicks but this one was by jazz singer Stacey Kent.  She usually doesn’t do modern songs, sticking to jazz standards, although I have heard her do an interesting take on James Taylor’s “You’ve got a friend”.  She really does a better job on the standards but the fact that she tackled “Landslide” was impressive.

So I thought, well I have the GG who can play ANYTHING on his guitar, as he is an incredible player, picking up songs in about 5 minutes (or less in some cases), then fine tuning them over a short period of time. I’m always amazed, he is so good.  I have become spoiled because of his talent, I just expect him to be able to make it happen, of course since he does, it makes my expectations way higher, vicious circle, for him! It takes me a little longer to learn the song than it takes him!

Off went  a version of Stacey Kent’s “Landslide” and then …… nothing….until yesterday.  We were chatting about it, he told me he really didn’t like the guitar version of it (when he says that it’s usually the end of that song) however, when I explained about doing a hybrid of the two versions (Dixie Chicks and Stacey Kent) his interest was peeked and the next thing I know a version showed up in my email.

It’s a first shot for both of us but after driving my neighbours nuts for the past half hour (hope they’re all at work this AM) I think I finally got it.  He really did do a cross between the Dixie Chicks and Stacey Kent, incredible ….I can’t wait to actually try it with him to see how we’ll fine tune it.  Of course, we never do anything with it, sometimes the songs get pulled out at family things but more often than not it’s me alone in my place singing to the girls.

They always seem so concerned by my singing, I’m not sure if they think I’m in pain or what but talk about humbling.  Nothing says “crappy” singing like cats crawling all over you because they think there’s something wrong, meowing and telling you that it will be alright, confidence booster that!  It’s just great to be able to sing again as I recently mentioned to a friend singing makes my heart…well, sing!

There are 3 more accompaniments I’m waiting for but the poor guy is working a ton of o/t this month, has a gig this friday and one at the end of the month so that puts my requests to the bottom of the guitar case.  Oh well, eventually he’ll have a chance and until then I’ll just get really good at the ones I already have.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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