INK Drinks…..

Last night I dragged myself out of my apartment to go for drinks.  I was supposed to do 2 different drink nights but because 1 started a little earlier I thought I’d start there hit the other place on my way home – an hour later, and that would be it. They were both work things so I felt I had to go. I intended to be out no more than 2 -3 hours.

I got home at 1230 this morning.

Yesterday was one of those days where you just want to curl up with a good book and do nothing it was, “slushing”,  my word, that’s when the weather can’t decide if it’s raining or snowing so it does both at the same time, very messy.  I had to teach at 830 but that was fun, everyone was in a good mood, we only have one class left then they graduate and fly off into the real world.  I came home and did some work and then by 430 was regretting that I had to go out, it was so warm and cozy in my place and my girls were all snuggly. I got myself off my butt got dressed and headed out into the wilds of the weather of Halifax.  It was misting at this point at least the slushing had stopped.

I won’t go into to the details but needless to say I only made it to the 1st invite, luckly the 2nd invite moved over to us later in the evening.  I met a whole bunch of new people in the industry – screenwriters mainly and some of my former students (who apparently it’s now acceptable to be friends with) showed up, which was a lot of fun since they’re really cool.

INK is a group of screenwriters and their “hangers-on” that originated in TO and Vancouver and now they’re trying to get a group started here in Halifax.  I think a valiant effort was made last night, agreements all around were made to do this again next month.

One of the teachers (from the moved 2nd invite) who I’ve gotten to know a little over the past few months, got engaged last week (the bar was so noisy I thought he said that he got maced – that caused some confusion) so that was a happy occasion.  We had a wonderful time talking about all sorts of things, some of it actually screenwriting but basically getting to know each other and having a good time.

Stopped for slice on my way home since I hadn’t eaten, arrived back in the apartment to bossy cats and the realization that I have a busy day today…..and true to form, my standard 6 hours of sleep.

Tonight I have another 2 things to go to, when it rains it pours.  I think I’ll only be going to 1 of them the other one requires a drive out of town a bit.  The GG is playing his usual monthly gig at the Bike & Bean (The Sofa Kings and his nephew is having a gallery opening for his photographs from Guatemala ( and he’s asked me to make fruit platters.  Tomorrow is a brunch for the WIFT Waves committee and a walk with friends, so it’s a busy couple of days.

My life here is beginning to be exactly that, a life.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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