Young Nova Scotia photographer opens 1st show to huge crowds……

Last night, I think I mentioned, that I was off to my friends photography show, his 1st one.  Very impressive and a great turn out – lots of people walked through the door and his photos were absolutely stunning! Very happy to say I know him AND already own 1 of his photos.  Gonna be able to say, “I knew him when” someday.

If you live in Halifax GO and see this exhibit, he’s at the Public Archives until the 31st of March the website for more info is

I have gained a reputation for making good fruit platters in my “sorta family” and Ian  asked me to make some for the opening.  He orginialy wanted 1 but when I realized that 82 people had RSVP’d on F/B…. I quickly changed it to 3 platters.  I drove to Costco on Friday AM – bought a ton of great fruits and began to make platters.  The thing that I had completley forgotten was that I had to get them to the show….out of my apartment -down the long hall, to the car…3 times!! At least I got some exercise.

Quite a number of the family were there and a number of my students, which was weird for me since I was there as a “sorta family” member not as a teacher.  It was good to see everyone.

Lately I’ve become all about art…not sure why, I’ve never been, and am not, very knowledgeable about it I know what I like, I guess that’s the important thing.  I’ve discovered a few painters I like, I have friends that paint, and take photographs and I have their work hanging in my apartment.  At WIFT last weekend I put almost all my raffle tickets on a painting that I just loved by a PEI painter – I didn’t win so now I’m going to have to track her down and see what I can afford.

I’ve also become very interested in a few photographers. I love Ian’s work he has such a great way of capturing the moment. There are a few others that the students have introduced me to that I’ve fallen in love with and a few that I’ve found on my own.

Clark Little who takes pictures of the ocean and waves mainly in Hawaii, Nick Brant, who does amazing photos of animals in Africa (student recommended) and my newest obsession is Roberto Dutesco who has photographed the Sable Island Horses.  At some point in my life I’m going to have to own at least 1 piece from these photographers, I’m off to a great start with Ian, who is an excellent way to begin a collection (I hope to get more of his work as the years go on).

I’ve been trying to get people who I know are artist when they come to my cottage to do a something for me, I’d like to find a special place for art there.  I would love to have the walls filled with my friends artistic impressions of PEI.  How amazing would that be?

So, if you are an artist and come to my cottage please think about leaving a little something of your work behind, it would be so perfect.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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