coming down off the weekend high….

I’ve had such an amazing few days full of such incredible things that I fully expected Sunday to be just as good. I guess you can’t have everyday a good one or you’d never know the difference.

Sunday wasn’t really “all bad” it’s just I had 2 different types of news this week (both a little upsetting) and I thought that I had managed to keep myself busy enough that it wouldn’t matter. I thought that one thing would be over on Saturday, stupid me, I should have KNOWN that Sunday was D-day. As for the other bit of news, it’s still haunting me and I’m now rethinking everything I’ve been doing life wise for the past 9 months.

It really doesn’t matter what the news is, it’s actually the circumstances that surrounds them that are causing the problems for me. The one bit of news is actually happy. I know I’m being vague and I know that some folks will know exactly what I’m talking about. However, the post isn’t about the “news” itself, rather how, I, once again, miscalculated my ability to handle it.

When I moved here from Toronto, I thought the day my furniture moved – about 10 days before I did, wouldn’t be a big deal, this is what I’m mean, I completely underestimated my capability to handle that by myself. It was a HUGE deal and I had a meltdown. No meltdown this time, just a lot of sadness for what could have been.

It was such a beautiful day here that I took myself out for a nice long walk, I had a good book to read, and there’s always swimming in the pool and a sauna for the evening. And of course the girls, who are always up for a good snuggle these days. I had a long chat with my cousins catching up on the past month of trips, 1st houses being bought, sickness and the new grand baby. So good things happened as well. Still the “crazy” feeling hung around like last years Christmas fruit cake.

Add in the 2nd bit of news, it will blow over…eventually. I know that I am WAY to sensitive about certain things, take them far to personally. Whenever you work with a large amount of people you can’t please everyone but sometimes it does feel like you’re being ganged up on and exit stage left is the best solution.

Whenever I have a large problem I tend to pull away from everything and hibernate and think it to death until I have a plan. Then and ONLY then do I talk about it ad nauseum with my girl friends. It’s just what I do -I guess we all have our process, mine is probably pretty close to everyone else, I’m sure we all do a similar thing to sort out our lives.

There will be a resolution to the 2nd bit of news, I’m hoping that will come this week. That way a graceful conclusion to this problem will appear, but I suspect that I won’t be that lucky just yet.

Sunday became “think it to death day” and since I was on my own that made it worse, so after all the great days, this was my “Waterloo”, the one day that defeated me….I knew I should have stayed in bed. Today is a new day and I’m really looking forward to that, a brand new chance to make another one of those really wonderful days I’ve been having.

On the up side, I did get my laundry done,

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to coming down off the weekend high….

  1. oreneta says:

    Well, laundry can be a good thing, who’da thunk it.

    Hang in there….sometimes it’s just rough. Hugs.

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