Perfect Day complete with dogs…..

Saturday was one of those perfect days, that while your driving home from the great things that have happened you realize how wonderful your life actually is. Like I mentioned the other day, my life is actually becoming a “life” here, it’s taken a year but it’s slowly evolving into something I’m beginning to love.

Yesterday was the thank you brunch for the WIFT -AT committee for the conference from last weekend.  It was fabulous.  I drove out to Tantallon to Jan’s house, about a 1/2 hour drive from downtown Halifax.  She and her husband live in this beautiful house they built a number of years ago on property that had been in her husbands family for about a 100 years.  They are right on a point facing St. Margret’s Bay.

I arrived the party was just starting, there was a wonderful smell of baking and I was greeted with a big hug from Jan and an invite to help myself to juices or coffee.

I should tell you a little about Jan’s place, every wall in her house is a different colour, a bright, wonderful, colour.  There are blue walls, yellow and green, she’s just painted one smaller wall orange, a riot of colour is the only way to describe it.  And the most amazing thing is that it all works. Coming from a house with a mother who was an interior decorator and would have NEVER considered doing this, I find it astonishing.  All the windows in their home face the water and the way they’re situated you see straight down the bay to the open ocean.  Absolutely stunning!  I took a few minutes to just stand in a sun patch and gaze at the bay, watching the sun dance off the water, this is why I moved out here.

There was a lot of laughter and stories being told, we saw the pictures that the photographers (students from my school) took and a inpromtu down load of the weekend happened.  Of course, all this was done while, eating amazing breakfast burritos, and baked goods that Jan’s husband had made – the BEST sticky buns EVER!  Thank god a visit to my friends who live up the road and a walk with the dogs was in my immediate future.

I left the party around 2pm and headed to my friends place to pick them up and drive to the Bike and Bean – they had been there the night before, it’s their local, and they had a great time listening to the Sofa Kings, but had left their car there.  After a quick lunch, on their part since I was still recovering from the sticky buns, we headed back to their place to go for a long walk with their 2 dogs, Bob & Louie, the neighbour and her dog Sam (Jan and her husband have 4 standard poddles, who were milling around, 1 of the dogs, Pixel will become a mommy next week).  It was a day of dogs.

We put on warm boots, and headed out with the 3 dogs. What a beautiful day, the sun was out, it was warm, the perfect walking day.  We ended up in the “bog” it was such a gorgeous day and they have chairs out there to sit in the sun.  We sat and had a drink which they called a “bubba” while the dogs chased the ball, crows, and planes.  One of them found a pheasant head (yuck) but that was taken care of quickly – once the cups were clear of the drink, that is.  We sat there for quite sometime, before heading back in the setting sun.

I had a quick cup of tea, and shared the goodies plate that Jan had sent me home with and then headed back into town.  I was shocked to see that it was 20 after 7 when I got into my car.  Of course, was St. Patrick’s day and they take that very seriously in this end of the world, the music and partying went on for a long time, nice to hear.  I would have probably gone out to join in but, I was just so tired from the past 3 days of socializing so taking a night to write my blog, and snuggle with the girls is not a bad thing.

For today there will be more house hunting and laundry, more laundry! I think my friend had the right idea when she said she doesn’t even put it on her list because it just never goes away!

The perfect day, and I’m a lucky lady to have these amazing friends and “sorta family” who have come into my life and given me these wonderful moments.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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4 Responses to Perfect Day complete with dogs…..

  1. oreneta says:

    Sounds a DELIGHT! With our place here we chickened out and painted it all white, though that was also cause the construction guys were painting while we were in Canada and I figured they couldn’t screw up white, no? Youngest has painted parts of her room a lovely blue, we have a couple of yellow ochre kind of walls, but my favourite is the terrace which has red tiles, as does the rest of the house, and a big GEORGEOUS blue wall and three others that are a soft green, a little more pistachio than I had in mind, but lovely. I adore it. ADORE it. Colour and sunshine go a long way to making the world go round, no? well, dogs, cats, good food and good friends have something to do with it to, no?

    • Break Free says:

      I do the off white thing usually (Abbington Putty from Benj Moore being my fav) but the kitchen in my house in TO was Royal Blue (actually called “Blue suede shoes) and I LOVED it…that will be a kitchen colour again. I seem to remember your bedroom as a kid being yellow, w/ a bright orange bunk bed and a bright yellow sun painted around the light…well, it was the 70’s after all! LOL! but I DO love colour! the RED tiles in your place sound amazing..RED being my FAVORITE colour!! you’ll have to send me pics….

  2. Grace says:

    Samantha, I can`t tell you how this warms my heart.
    I am SOOOOOO HAPPY that you have found a place for your life!
    Being surrounded by good food, great people, art, scenic views all helps lift your spirits, keeps you focus and grounded. I am so proud of you. Keep it up girl and remember….

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