Cottage Time…..well almost….

My Blue Cottage.....wish I was there RIGHT now!

I must be reading the temperature incorrectly, the app on my iTouch must be acting up, I could have sworn it said that 2 days this week will be 22! 22…..that’s summer weather! It’s still March right? I didn’t fall asleep and wake up in June? – wow, the thought of doing that after all the sleep I’ve lost over the past year and a half makes me feel a little giddy, but that hasn’t happened has it?

At this rate I’ll be able to open my cottage at Easter – wouldn’t that be amazing? I’m sure I’m not thinking this through, if it’s warm enough for humans those damn mosquitoes will be out as well not to mention the black flies.  Well, that’s what insect repellent is all about.

If I could figure out a way to make a living there I’d probably move for the summer…it would be heaven, to be there every day, walk on the beach listen to the waves hitting the shore, the sun patches, the harbour seals, the eagles & herons….sounds perfect doesn’t it? Ok, I need someone to pay me to do something that means I can stay at the cottage all summer….any takers?!?  I have a few semi confirmed rentals for the summer but there is still time available if you’re interested.

I’m seriously thinking about starting to bug the plumbers to open the cottage, the only problem with this is that the ferry doesn’t start running until May 1st. Driving around across the bridge seems to take a little longer, I think about an hour.  That’s over a whole month away, which is good considering I still need to move house by May 1st and haven’t found an apartment yet.

The fact that it’s the end of March and this is even a consideration is mind blowing.  My thoughts usually turn to opening the cottage at this time of year but it’s not usually something that could ACTUALLY be a reality. I have to admit I am afraid that if we’re getting such amazing weather now what’s going to happen in July? I’m thinking freak snow storm.

When I have to move the cottage, in the semi near future, I’m going to have to have it winterized so that I can visit in the cold weather, right now I can do 3 seasons, it’s that snow and ice thing that gets me.  It would be amazing to spend Christmas there one year, cut down a tree from my property and decorate it and roast a turkey….and watch the snow fall and go for a walk on the beach Christmas day.

But not today, today it’s 10 out and it’s climbing my friends, climbing to 22 this week, that’s summer warm.  That’s put the beer in the fridge, the gin in the freezer and a steak on the “Q”, watch the waves roll in, not quite jump in the bay, weather…that would still be a little crisp, but walk along and play with the waves for sure!

I’m going to have to start thinking about what to plant in my pots.  I like to have an edible deck, that way there’s always something to put with the amazing veggies I get in my organic box from the local farmers market.  Thyme, for sure, to put with the mussels, fresh from the bay, lavender, peppermint, verbena, basil, oregano, and parsley (could be a Simon and Garfunkel tune huh?).  I’m learning about chanterel’s, don’t want to get the wrong ones that would be VERY bad and fiddle heads which we don’t have much of.  The raspberries up and down the drive way are out of control and need to be beaten back, but not before I pick a bunch and try that raspberry pie recipe I have and the small, small wild strawberries that grow everywhere and are so sweet.

I’m not good with gardening, my friends will attest to that, but I do like pots.  I’m good with remembering to water them from May to end of September and I love being able to use what I grow however I have no interest in a whole garden and taking care of flowers that need constant care.

This year I have some projects to do, I’m going to paint the back deck to match the other 2 decks and they need to be re-stained as well.  The picnic tables need to be done.  There is an unfinished sky light that needs to be finished and I think I’m going to repaint the bathroom.  There’s clutter to get rid of and a hose that needs to be dealt with.  Hopefully, my mosquito tent makes it through another season with out needing to be replaced but there is still a hole that needs to be mended and I think a coat of trem-clad won’t be amiss on the structure. Maybe even paint the back door.  The biggest one, I still haven’t decided, if I’m going to build stairs of my own to the beach or not.  The GG and I did his last year but I’m not sure if I want to do some at my place or not…I kinda like the ladder and the neighbours have been great about me using their stairs. Maybe, that will get moved to next years list.

Oh, the sun comes out and the plans begin…

Dreaming BIG from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to Cottage Time…..well almost….

  1. oreneta says:

    The dreaming and anticipation is soooo wonderful, no?

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