The Dingle Walk

No it’s not some strange sort of  “Maritime walk of shame”, it’s my new favorite place to walk, and it’s nick name is The Dingle.

The parks official name is Sir Sanford Fleming Park, but he called it “The Dingle” which means “wooded valley”.  This beautiful area is just off the peninsula of Halifax.  There is a huge tower that’s been wrapped up like a Christmas present since I arrived here (not really the anaology I was going to go for but it seems a bit more polite to say this than to say it looked like it was wrapped in a giant condom).  It seems to be unwrapped now, so I’m assuming it’s open to the public again.

The other day I decided to explore this area.  I was there late in the fall last year with my friend Mary, we went to catch some of the last warm rays of the sun on 1 of the 3 little beaches. I always intended to go back.  I packed a granola bar, made a cup of tea and headed out.

There is a pedestrian walk way that runs along Purcell’s Cove on what is referred to as “The Arm”, I assume because of the Armdale rotary the area it’s named after.  The path runs along the front of all these huge beautiful homes – and you get to walk right across the front lawns of all of them.

I’ve fallen in love with this area, and decided that I might like to live out that way.  Not because of the huge homes but more about the small out buildings they have – I think that would be perfect for the girls and I.  A little one bedroom cottage on the cove but in spitting distance from the city and this beautiful path to walk on everyday?  Sounds perfect! doesn’t it?

Parts of this path are really scary.  There’s an old piece of wood across one part that I’m sure is covering a huge hole, I haven’t stopped to look.  I just get across it as fast as I can, holding my breath the whole way (that MUST make me lighter right?).  There are parts, that right now are so muddy that on mis-step and you’ll end up in the ocean with no way out but to swim, (assuming you don’t break something in the fall) and it’s still a little to cold for that.

Then all of a sudden you pop out from the wooded area of the beautiful little path into a clearing, where someone has taken such good care of it, that you stop to admire the view.  I’ve found the perfect stairs to sit on and drink my tea.  The owners of the huge house have left chairs there but I already feel like I’m trespassing (which I’m sure I am) so I perch on the stairs in the sun and watch the bay.

I made it all the way to one of the yacht clubs today, not sure which one there are a few there – the pink one if anyone from here is reading….it might be the Armdale yacht club? anyway I lost the path there – it’s probably the end of it.  It’s about a 45 minute walk round trip, not including my snack stop (I always try to pause my timer so I can see how long I’ve walked for).

It’s so stunning out here it gives me time to reflect, once again, how well my life is working out.  Then I get back to my car and get home and realize all the crap that needs to be done and the stress comes roaring back. But I’ll head back out again another day this week, since it’s supposed to be 25! walk along the shore and watch the birds and the sun dancing off the waves and leave the stress behind again, for just awhile.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to The Dingle Walk

  1. oreneta says:

    That honestly does sound just about perfect! Cottage near the city on the sea….I don’t see a thing wrong with this…well, no pool, but you can’t have it all.

    • Break Free says:

      crap! forgot about the pool!! LOL! so what I need is for whom ever owns the “Big” house to have a pool and give me pool privileges!! Ok, writing out my wish list now….

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