The dreaded monday list….

Not a lot of new things to tell you about.  Monday was one of those days that you think is going to be a puff day and turns out to be a cross between a really horrible and wonderful one. Well, wonderful might be a strong word…let’s say by the end of the day it had redeemed itself.

It started off horrible because I took something I shouldn’t have WAY to personally and that feeling stuck with me for a few hours, making me feel fragile and sorry for myself  – I’m over it now but I hate it when that happens.  You know what I’m talking about?  When someone says something to you that isn’t even mean, and for some reason, the mood you’re in,  it makes you feel that you must be the MOST horrible person on the face of the earth for them to have made that particular observation about you?  Then you begin to berate yourself for hours?  I’m pretty sure this is what therapists mean when they tell you that you need to stop “beating up your inner child” well, mine got tossed around a lot yesterday morning.

Then I was running from one thing to another, which is good, ’cause it keeps you busy, however, it had that awkward timing between things you’re doing so that you don’t actually have enough time to start something meaningful in between?  You end up feeling that you’ve been going in circles all day and accomplishing nothing.  Which in this case was completely untrue.

I managed to make sure that 4 of my Audio Engineers passed my class so they can graduate. I booked a meeting for Tuesday afternoon, I helped a friend with her blog. Then went to a 2 hour meeting about the Women Making Waves conference, talked to a friend about a job (for her not me) and then had a great conversation with another friend about her summer building project. Add basic house work, including snaking a slow drain in my bathroom (yuck!!), and finishing all the marking for school, during the in between times. See?  It turns out, quite a bit was accomplished!

I guess it feels less than done because the rest of my monday to do list now has to carry into to today’s list.  This is always a pain cause then what do you do with the tuesday list when you don’t get that done?! Crazy right? never ending.

I’m trying to get sometime this week to apartment hunt and get that out of the way.  I would really like to figure out where the girls and I will be living at the beginning of May.  I know I’m obsessed about this right now and  you’re probably sick of hearing about it but it kinda is my immediate focus.  And I really need to walk because of the stress this is causing …. or drink, whichever comes first (or maybe both). Maybe it’s time to try that breakfast shot my friend was talking about in her blog…..

Normally, these things wouldn’t phase me, I think because of the way my day started it’s put huge pressure on my week and it’s gonna be tough to live up to the expectations of the “list”.  Also, it’s all happening at once so that’s never easy.  As I mentioned in another post, it will all work out just fine, it’s simply lining my ducks up and making sure that last little one isn’t off exploring so the turtle gets him!

I’m trying to be positive (yes believe it or not this is positive!) I really appreciate the comments that I get from everyone, they help.  It can be so frustrating sometimes, course where would the fun be if everything went the way and at the time I wanted it to?

Oddly enough my horoscope (yes the famed email horoscope) told me to be more patient today….actually I think it said that for sunday and monday as well….hummm, I’m sensing a theme here! Ok, today I’ll slow down and do the things I absolutely have to, after all, there are 4 more work days and 2 weekend days left in this week, I guess my dreaded list can be spread about.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


PS: I put my “foggy day” playlist under the playlist tab on the main page…some of you were asking me for some music? it’s really mellow – beware, and I hope you enjoy!

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2 Responses to The dreaded monday list….

  1. oreneta says:

    Get the house hunting done…seems to me that’s the biggest stresser. Clear the top of the list completely, go buy new undies if you have to so you don’t have to do laundry so often, then get the house DONE!!!!! Once you’ve got that one lined up, I bet you feel a WHOLE lot better. I would. Good luck by the way!

    Have you ever noticed that if something languishes on the to do list to long, it doesn’t need to be done eventually and there are no bad repercussions? When I figured that out killing the to do list got a lot easier…..

    I also figured out a different kind of to do list…sort of a grid. Across the top you put the headings, for instance me, work, friends, life maintenance Down the side, urgent, important and would be nice. slot things into the list. If you find it all goes into urgent, reset your priorities and do it again. Makes the to do list more useful and also helps you make sure that you are getting the urgent things done off ALL the lists, not just the squeeky ones (ie never the me list)

    hang tough, you’ll get it done.

    • Break Free says:

      OMG! I need new undies as well!! have to add that to the list too! LOL! ya right now I’m working on the students marks, almost finished (who knew that Mrs. Cain would be right and math would come back to haunt me!!) anyway NEXT and you’re right HOUSE HUNTING!! MUST BE DONE!! I think you are absolutely right….need to be able to have a roof over my head….I will feel so much better knowing where I’m going to be that stress will just go away….next on the list as soon as I figure out how to do the % in the damn chart! LOL!
      thanks for all the great advice! xo xo xo

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